You pair wine with food, so why not with your workout, too?

You pair wine with food, so why not with your workout, too?

When considering an overall fitness routine, nutrition plays an important role.

Along with a well-optimized combination of cardio, strength and flexibility exercises, one should also consider the best way to fuel the exercise.

In order to achieve a high-performance lifestyle, it is essential to find the right balance and optimal timing of macronutrients – carbohydrates, proteins and fats – for your body.

It’s all about finding foods that are right for your body and routine, and that enable you to perform consistently over time.

In many ways, the relationship between food and exercise can be compared to the relationship between food and wine. Both are about finding the perfect pairing to produce the most dynamic and sustainable results. Both take a certain amount of knowledge, care, and trial and error to master.

Understanding the role nutrition plays in an active, integrated lifestyle, Equinox and American Express invited Platinum Card® members to an unforgettable day of fitness, wine and food at the Peju Winery vineyards in Napa Valley, California.

Departing from the Equinox Sports Club on Market Street in San Francisco’s financial district, guests embarked on the journey to Napa. With the city receding in the background, the miles of rolling hills of Napa covered in wildflowers and vineyards were focused, and I felt serenity and escape.

Upon arriving at the winery, guests had a few moments to enjoy the sprawling grandeur of the property before being transported to a rustic, but upscale, exercise-mat barn facing a great view of the valley below.

The attendees were then led through a multi-part workout session, led by Equinox’s Iris Vazquez and set to a high-energy blend of electronic music. Vasquez began the session by asking participants to introduce themselves to their neighbors, creating a shared energy in the room that set the tone for the high-energy exercise that followed. The participants gave everything they could and worked hard, motivated by the encouragement and guidance of Vásquez.


Immediately after the workout, the guests relaxed and moistened with water as the first bottles of wine were popped. With glasses in hand, the group led Peju winemaker Sarah Fowler on a short walk to the vineyards. At a vantage point with views of distant San Francisco Bay, Sarah provided a brief overview of Peugeot’s history and insight into the intricate art of winemaking, before opening a conversation with guests about the importance of balance when considering the holistic benefits of wine, food, and fitness.

After the hike and Q&A, attendees had the opportunity to enjoy the fruits of their labor, enjoying a farm-to-table lunch prepared by Peju’s chef Nicolas Montañez. The meal consisted of a health-focused, yet hearty, fall garden-themed menu, providing the perfect example of optimal nutrition for a healthy, versatile routine.

Attendees gathered around the tables, enjoying the great weather and the scenery, with the dappled sun dripping across the garden and the cool breeze blowing through the trees. The communal vibe continues with guests breaking bread together and indulging in a selection of wines on offer, paired perfectly with Chef Nicolas’ menu.

As the day drew to a close, attendees clung to their reflections on their daily experiences, leaving with a greater appreciation for the role of food and fitness in a high-functioning lifestyle.

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