'You Can't Give a Fat Person Small Meals': 252 lbs of Charles Barclay's justification for not restricting his nutritional connection to his personality

‘You Can’t Give a Fat Person Small Meals’: 252 lbs of Charles Barclay’s justification for not restricting his nutritional connection to his personality

Charles Barkley was one of the biggest players in the NBA in the league, and despite concerns about his weight, he never chose to take action on it.

The former big man of the Suns and 76ers class used his size and speed in a unique way. Chuck came in at 6’6 and 252 pounds. Despite all his size, he made a very tough player to fit in.

Just because he was bigger than most players in his position, he was no less fast. Barkley knew how to blend the size and speed he had in his favor and dismantle the defenses in his wake.

Barkley’s eating habits are often ridiculed in Inside the NBA as men take no opportunity to miss a mention of his stomach, but if you want to eat it with Chuck, he has the perfect justification for why he eats the way he eats and why people shouldn’t restrict.

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Charles Barclay justified why he didn’t restrict his diet

Diet is a huge part of any athlete’s life. They need to stick to a strict diet if they are going to be a big hit in the league and so they work hard to make sure that along with their physical fitness, they also eat well.

However, Barclay does not believe in dieting at all. He believes that dieting is very variable from person to person and that if you are getting bigger you can’t start cutting out food.

To be fair, Barkley has a point. Feeling guilty every time you eat a little junk food isn’t good for you either. Therefore, Barclay believes moderation is key. It calls for keeping everything under control and making sure you don’t swing too much towards one side or the other.

“Restrictive diets don’t work,” he explained. “Honestly, you can’t give a fat person small meals and think they won’t cheat.” He explains that it’s all about moderation and learning how to eat. In addition, if you remove All Guilt pleasure out of your routine, will only lead to a devastating binge later down the road.”

Charles Barkley’s eating habits are always brought up on Inside the NBA

If you’ve followed the NBA, you’ve probably followed the entertainment talk show that goes along with it. Charles Barkley, Shaquille O’Neal, Kenny Smith and Ernie Johnson are perhaps the sport’s most entertaining show, smashing basketball while also enjoying it.

Often times, Chuck makes fun of eating a lot of food and only looking for food. They even shared Kobe once when Lakers legend Chuck asked how many cakes he thought he ate during his career.

Chuck replied that the number wasn’t as high as people might expect because he claims the donuts are only for weekends. It’s a running joke, and he once took it personally when a Lakers fan called him because he ate too much.

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