Yogurt for a healthy gut

Yogurt for a healthy gut

We’ve been told that yogurt works for us at any age and can be incredibly healthy for seniors. why? Because it helps maintain the balance of the gut microbiome thanks to, among other things, a small but powerful group of live yeasts and bacteria known as probiotics.

Keep reading to learn more about how these microorganisms can help boost your overall digestive system.

Yogurt contains probiotics and microorganisms that can help you digest food, promote healthy cells, and support the body’s immune system. | attributed to him: GT

What is yogurt?

Yogurt is a traditional dairy product made by introducing a culture or mixture of lactose-feeding bacteria to ferment milk. Bacteria convert lactose into lactic acid, which lowers the pH of the milk and changes the structure of the protein.

One eight-ounce serving of yogurt is an excellent source of potassium, phosphorous, zinc and vitamin B5.

Each yogurt culture is different, depending on the mix of bacteria, and the resulting yogurt may have a different flavor or texture than yogurt made from other cultures.

But the term yogurt is not limited to having a base of cow’s milk. Yogurt can also be made from other milk-producing animals such as sheep or goats and plant products such as coconut, hemp, soybeans, or rice.

“One eight-ounce serving of yogurt is an excellent source of potassium, phosphorous, zinc, and vitamin B5,” says California-based Beth Hawks, a neurologist and owner of nurse code. “This superfood also contains vitamin B12, which helps maintain healthy red blood cells and nervous system function.”

Why is yogurt good for us?

Yogurt contains probiotics and microorganisms that can help you digest food, promote healthy cells and support the body’s immune system, to name a few.

The most common bacteria in cultured yogurt include Lactobacillus and Streptococcus, with some species supporting the bacteria already living in your gut.

Active culture yogurt contains bacteria that will join the bacteria already living inside you, improve digestion, reduce digestive issues, and play a role in keeping you healthy.

For example, one study The publication in BMC Microbiology found that participants who ate yogurt had increased beneficial bacteria in the gut and also had less visceral fat and lower insulin levels.

Maybe there are prebiotics

Some types of yogurt also contain certain prebiotics or plant fibers that keep bacteria from growing in the digestive system. Both probiotics and prebiotics are vital psychoactive, and are linked to better sleep, mental health, and reduced stress levels.

The beneficial bacteria in yoghurt can help manage harmful bacteria and aid in bowel functioning and the fermentation of proper food in the gut.

Says Susan Blake, MD, a physician in Treatment Accountability for Safer Communities (TASC) in Hawaii.

Research shows that eating Yogurt Regularly it may improve memory and concentration in healthy individuals and those with a mild disability or disease that affects cognitive and thinking abilities (dementia). Additionally, eating more protein-rich foods like yogurt may lower levels of cortisol, the stress hormone that can affect mood and health.

The good bacteria in yogurt can help manage harmful bacteria such as Klebsiella, which is linked to Crohn’s disease, and aid in bowel function and the fermentation of healthy food in the gut.

Watch out for stickers

Some yogurt makers add unhealthy ingredients to their products to entice consumers. For example, flavored yogurts often contain sugar or other sweeteners that may not help a healthy diet.

Fat-free options may also include additional sweeteners to add flavor, and low-fat yogurt may contain cornstarch or other thickeners to make it creamy and taste like candy.

according to USDAOne cup of yogurt equals one cup of dairy out of the recommended three cups of dairy a day for a woman consuming 1,600 calories a day. However, the USDA does not measure the sugar content of specific yogurts when making its recommendations, so be sure to read the labels.

In short, make sure to find yogurt that is healthy and free of added ingredients for the best results and a happier belly.

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