DragonCard board on Chestnut St.

Where to use your DragonCard on and off campus

Make sure to keep your DragonCard with you at all times.

This DragonCard is your life. Don’t lose it.

Well, that was exciting. But seriously. This little blue and yellow card is essential to your life on the Drexel campus, so make sure it’s always with you, whether it’s in your wallet or on a lanyard. Aside from entering buildings and getting food, DragonCard can provide you with a bunch of other benefits as well.


Of course, you need a DragonCard to access buildings, including your residence hall. You can also use it to access the Drexel Recreation Center and to check things in the library, such as books, DVDs, course materials, laptops, and chargers.

Additionally, you can use DragonCard to print in the WW Hagerty library, either from your laptop, phone, or from a mobile printing station. To print from your laptop or phone, log on to the mobile printing website, upload your document and print. You pay at the printer with your DragonDollar money, which is $0.10 per black and white page and $0.25 per color page.

You can also use DragonCard to get food into your eating plan. Meal swipes can be used in all places where you are interested in dining at Handschumacher Dining Centre, The Café @ Perelman Center for Jewish Life and Urban Eatery. There are also dollars built into your meal plan that you can use to purchase food at the Northside Dining Terrace, which includes Chick-fil-A, Local Restaurant Row, AFC Sushi, and The Market, as well as ThirtyOne41 in the main building and Starbucks at Jerry C. Lippo Hall.

DragonDollars are different. It’s not included in your meal plan, but instead is loaded onto your DragonCard which you can use at a large variety of places near campus, from restaurants to CVS to the campus library.

Drexel University Leisure Center

Your DragonCard takes you to the recreation center, and you can also rent sports equipment with it.

What you may not realize:

Of course, you can use the DragonCard to access the recreation center, where you can use the Drexel climbing wall, fitness track, group fitness classes, and various exercise equipment. But you can also use it to check some fitness equipment, including balls for various sports, table tennis rackets, squash and tennis rackets, frisbee, and weight belts.

Students can also access the Daskalakis Sports Center, where the swimming pool is located; Buckley Field, Tennis Courts and Health Programs.

If you need to get somewhere on or off campus, you can also use your DragonCard to hop on the shuttle. There is a downtown loop that runs on weekdays and the Bolton/Spring Garden Road runs daily. The university also made an agreement with the University of Pennsylvania to allow Drexel students to ride Fixed Campus Road Free Shipping.

Dino Hall at the Academy of Natural Sciences

Drexel students can enter the Academy of Natural Sciences at Drexel University for free using the DragonCard.

Off campus:

There is a big wide world outside the Drexel campus, but luckily your DragonCard can make the experience a little cheaper. Many retailers offer discounts on showing student identification. In Philly, you can visit y crewAeropostale and Kate Spade For a 15 percent discount, while nike Offer 10 percent off. The last three stores in Fashion District While y crew Close to Rittenhouse Square.

There are also many cultural experiences that offer discounted or free entry to university students who show a valid student ID. The The Academy of Natural Sciences at Drexel University Free, as in Institute of Contemporary Artwhile the Barnes Foundation Free every Sunday and $5 otherwise. The Philadelphia Museum of Art Is to pay what you wish every Friday after 5pm and $14 otherwise. The Kimmel Center Offers selected shows for $10 to students. The Cinemark University City Cinema Phyllis and the Flyers They all have discounted student tickets as well.

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