Kim Kardashian significantly reduced her body fat percentage during the last three months. (Image via Instagram)

What is the secret of Kim Kardashian’s diet and exercise?

Kim Kardashian recently lost 24 pounds, which she flaunted in a stunning corset and shorts combo. The 41-year-old star of reality TV show Keeping Up With The Kardashians accentuated her beauty in a stunning outfit, which included a rhinestone-encrusted tie top and high-waisted pants to match.

Kim Kardashian is aging like good wine. But what weight loss techniques do you use? How does she maintain her fitness?

Kim Kardashian Diet Plan

Kim arranged her hair in a messy high bun for her latest photoshoot, and as usual, her makeup was flawless. Her smoky eyes and bronze skin really popped up in the stunning photos.

Kim’s latest appearance comes after she expressed her desire to date a “regular man” following her recent split from actor and comedian Pete Davidson.

Kim Kardashian has succeeded in reducing her body fat percentage significantly over the past three months. The influencer and entrepreneur claims that she lost body fat in a year thanks to a certain diet. According to Kardashian, she started a diet in May, with the goal of losing nearly 5% of her body fat.

Kim followed the Atkins 40 diet, which she did in high school with her father. In addition, she had a set date for a magazine cover shoot and wanted to be in great shape before the deadline. According to the Atkins diet, you can consume as much protein and fat as possible as long as you stay away from items rich in carbohydrates.

Kim can’t (and won’t) completely exclude sweets from her diet since she has a sweet tooth. She claims that maintaining balance and occasionally allowing herself to indulge in sweets is key.

Kim Kardashian workout routine

With her workout, it’s no surprise that celebrities look as harmonious as they are. Melissa Alcantara, Kim K’s personal trainer, revealed the star’s workout regimen. No matter how lost you feel in your workouts, the trainer stresses the importance of consistency. With regular exercise, repeating difficult and painful movements will soon seem easy.

Kim’s trainer encourages her to progress through each exercise during her hard butt and leg workouts. The exercises you perform are easy to do but effective.

Kim uses easier procedures to maintain her abs. She performs a stationary plank, holding the push-up position for one minute. Repeat the process after a 30-second break. She also uses the AB roller to exercise every part of her core and major muscles for balance.

Kim only commits two days a week to working out her legs and butt, although these muscle areas are some of her favorite places to work out.

Although Kim doesn’t shy away from heart disease, it’s not one of her priorities. Melissa put her into HIIT workouts to keep things fresh, raise her heart rate and give her a good cardio workout. However, Kim understands the value of stable cardio and makes sure to use a treadmill.


Kim Kardashian exercises every day at 5:30 in the morning. After the birth of her second child, Kim Kardashian lost weight with the Atkin’s 40 Diet. This diet causes the body to burn fat for energy because it only allows 40 grams of carbohydrates per day.

Exercising daily and avoiding sugar and starch are key to having a fit body. Eat vegetables, protein and good fats. Eat small meals every three to four hours and drink plenty of water.

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