JJ Watt spends a lot of time warming up and loosening up, regardless of the workout

What is JJ Watt’s NFL Diet and Training Routine?

The life of Wisconsin-born athlete JJ Watt, also known as Justin James Watt, is very similar to that of many other talented athletes. The Arizona Cardinals’ defensive end was interested in athletics from a young age. He started playing soccer in the fifth grade after playing hockey for four to thirteen years.

During his four years in high school, Watt’s natural talents made him one of football’s biggest stars, but he also excelled in other sports, including track and field, baseball and basketball.

Getting to where it is now requires a great deal of determination and dedication. Watts’ level of energy on the court is different from that of many other athletes.

Read on to learn more about Watt’s NFL diet and exercise routine.

JJ Watt . Workout Plan

JJ Watt often gets up between five and six in the morning to start his day. A lot of time is spent warming up and relaxing before your exercise routine, regardless of the specific focus of your exercise regimen. A warm-up session of 30-40 minutes, which promotes balance and stability of the ankle, is performed barefoot.

During this warm-up, Watt places special emphasis on the cardio. To make sure everything is occupied and stable before picking up the tape, Watt performs core exercises during each individual training session. The NFL Defensive Workout combines the work of the buttocks and lower back muscles with an emphasis on strength and stability of the pelvic floor and thigh.

The exercises that make up the warm-up session are:

  • panels
  • Glute Extensions
  • Side panels with leg raise
  • Side leg walks with bands
  • bird dogs
  • dead insects

Watt’s core routine consists primarily of free weights, but he also does functional training and conditioning to stay in shape.

JJ Watt runs 90 minutes at a time. It starts with foam rolling and some stretching, then moves on to the movement of the feet and does a lot of resistance work. In order to be at your peak fitness during the NFL season, JJ Watt makes sure to schedule a stretch and recover.

JJ Watt . Diet Plan

Every day, wat consumes a huge amount of food. So much so that he considers eating a chore. All his meals – two breakfasts, two lunches and two dinners – are phenomenal. Consume a variety of fresh and natural foods such as oats, eggs, chicken breasts and lots of vegetables.

An NFL player consumes about 5,000 calories each day, but a few years ago, he was consuming more calories, 4,000 extra calories. Follow a semi-keto and semi-paleo diet while eating 9,000 calories per day, eating plenty of fats like avocado, olive oil, and bacon while eating a few healthy, natural carbs like sweet potatoes.

His daily meal plan includes:

breakfastWatt starts his day with a 900-calorie breakfast of oats and half a dozen eggs. Four more eggs make up the second breakfast.

lunchThree chicken breasts, whole-wheat pasta, Italian dressing, and a side of broccoli make up a lunchtime feast. The second lunch Luat consists of more chicken breasts, mashed sweet potatoes and carrots.

DinnerAnother protein meal waiting for Watt for dinner: lamb chops with whole wheat noodles and grilled asparagus. The second meal consists of steak, extra pasta, and steamed broccoli.


Athletes who compete professionally do not succeed by chance. Super levels of effort, commitment, and focus are required, including paying attention to what they eat.

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