Alex Rodriguez enjoys varying his exercises and training to make sure every part of his body receives regular conditioning. (Image via Instagram)

What is Alex Rodriguez’s intense diet and routine plan?

Alex Rodriguez is a baseball legend. In all of his 22 seasons, he has impressed audiences with his physical strength, speed and energy. His fans call him A-Rod. He has managed to stay on top of his game by being in perfect shape the whole time.

Alex Rodriguez is without a doubt one of baseball’s greatest players. In his career, he was awarded the MVP award three times – in 2003, 2005 and 2007. In 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2007, he won Hank Aaron Awards along with Gold Glove Award in 2002 and 2003.

He has always said that he can keep his physique in good shape, during and after his playing days, just because of his exercise regimen. He gained a few pounds during the global pandemic, but due to his specialized athletic program he lost weight and quickly got back in shape.

Alex Rodriguez Diet Plan

Like other successful athletes, Alex keeps his body and mind in the best shape possible with the right combination of exercise and nutrition. This has enabled him to compete at the highest levels of his sport as well as lead a busy life looking after his business, commercial and charitable interests.

He heads several companies and presides over a few charities. Although it’s hard to balance his professional commitments with his diet and exercise regimen, Alex manages with a “with the flow” approach.

In order to accommodate his very busy schedule, his diet includes mix and match foods to ensure he is getting enough nutrition in the most efficient way possible. It is given to try diets, for example, without carbohydrates / without sugar.

According to his chef, Kelvin Fernandez, A-Rod starts his day with a green smoothie of spinach, cucumber, and celery. He has always preferred high-protein diets that include lots of turkey, apple sausage, chicken, and egg whites.

Alex Rodriguez’s Workout Routine

Alex exercises four to five days a week. Combines yoga and gym sessions. Sometimes he chooses to do yoga instead of working out on Saturdays and Sundays.

Alex Rodriguez doesn’t follow the same training plan every day. Much like his diet plan, he incorporates cardio, running, strength training, and yoga into his workout schedule. On different days of his training regimen, he focuses on different body areas.

Furthermore, Alex Rodriguez prefers short and irregular running. This kind of enemy works very well for him. It is also effective compared to longer runs where you don’t have to worry about losing speed or strength. Its powerful races promote cardiovascular health.

Although he no longer competes in professional baseball, he still practices baseball training frequently. His practice helps him stay active and keep his baseball reflexes sharp. He sometimes chooses to go to baseball practice on his days off during the weekend as well, not just during the week.

Cardio is believed to be essential to overall health. Therefore, cardio is always the first exercise in his schedule. He strongly believes that cardio exercises help keep his heart healthy and prevent future heart disease.


Alex avoids foods that are high in carbohydrates as well as fast foods. He prefers healthy and fresh foods. In fact, he carries his food and doesn’t order in restaurants whenever he eats with his friends.

Alex Rodriguez uses a number of supplements to ensure he meets all of his body’s needs and to replace nutrients that he cannot get from his basic diet.

His diet is the key to his extraordinary physique and fitness level. He enjoys diversifying his exercises and workouts to make sure every part of his body receives regular conditioning.

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