Weight loss: Women lost 10 pounds in 7 days with Michael Mosley's Fast 800 Diet

Weight loss: Women lost 10 pounds in 7 days with Michael Mosley’s Fast 800 Diet

Dr. Michael Mosley is the man behind the Fast 800 Diet, 5:2 and Now Fast Keto Plans. It has helped thousands lose weight and reverse type 2 diabetes. Express.co.uk spoke exclusively to Kelly Stevens, 39, Director of Design from Manchester about the weight loss results.

Like many, Kelly has struggled with her weight since she was a teenager: “When I was in high school I was always my toughest friend.

“I loved sports like athletics, running and long jumping, but as soon as I left school and went to university, the sports stopped and my weight increased. I participated a lot and probably ate the wrong foods. My weight rose steadily as I came of age and I didn’t really know what to do about it.

“I’ve tried many diets over the years including the one week juice diet which was hard to maintain and didn’t really work so in the end I always gave it up. None of the diets seemed to help me, and I seemed to constantly struggle with Three stone weight gain for about five years.

“While I’m a very optimistic person most of the time, my weight gain affected me. I didn’t like the fact that when I was walking I’d be out of breath. I still saw a personal trainer, but all the exercises seemed like really hard work that wasn’t fun.

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“I also found that I had one default outfit to go out to dinner with my boyfriend that fit me appropriately, so I always wore it.

“I also felt that when you went on vacation and had to put on a swimsuit, you don’t hide yourself — it hits you after a while of living like this,” she added.

“At the beginning of 2021, I saw Dr. Michael Mosley on Channel 4 showing ‘How to Lose a Stone in 21 Days.’ The show resonated with me as I felt I was in a similar place to the people who appeared on the show and I could see that they were achieving results in a short amount of time. To a reasonable extent.

“I loved the fact that The Fast 800 was geared in science and I also loved that Dr. Michael put together the plan with his wife who is a GP. All the diets I’ve tried previously seemed ‘tacky’ by comparison, so I was keen to try and see if it worked. Suits me.

“I signed up for the program online and amazingly in the first seven days, I lost 10Ibs! I went from 14 stone 4Ibs to 13 stone 8Ibs in just seven days!

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“I was thrilled and while I found the first week challenging, I couldn’t believe how quick and easy it was to experience the results. I stuck with the program for three to four weeks and lost 22 pounds, but then hit a bump in the road. I had some social engagements to come and went to dinner with friends. Also, work was particularly stressful at that time a lot, and I would finish work and open a bottle of wine to help me relax.

“Once I stopped following the program, I gradually got back the 16 ips I had recently lost which is disappointing.

“Then in the coming months, my sister announced that she would marry in the spring of 2022 and invited me to be a bridesmaid.

“I was thrilled and really hope this is the motivation I need to help me lose weight again. I was confident I did it once, so I can do it again.”

“We went to buy a bridesmaid dress in August 2021 and I tried on 16 size dresses that fit me at the time. My business plan was to buy a size 14 dress and in the coming months I would lose weight and get fit. In the dress comes April 2022, just in time for the wedding, this time it was I have to lose weight.

“After enjoying Christmas, in January 2022 I decided to put myself on the 75 Day Challenge, because I know the wedding wasn’t that far away. My starting weight was 13 stone 12Ibs,” she continued.

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I decided to use Fasting 800 An online program to help me incorporate a healthy, low-calorie diet, after which I will also provide daily exercises, including walking, yoga and some exercises from the Fast 800 online program. (I love fresh air and walking and have actually managed to walk 406 km over 75 days.)

“I entered my goals on the Fast 800 website and suggested I try the 800 Fast Phase of the program. This meant I had to try to stick to about 800 calories a day for no more than three months. At the end of the 75 day challenge, by March 17 2022, my final weight was 11 stone 5.2lbs!Kelly said I lost 2 stone 6.8Ibs.

“I was using the online program every day and my friend and I cooked a number of recipes every evening. Being a vegetarian, I love this fact, as there were so many recipes that catered to my diet, and some of my favorites like lentils, pesto and cauliflower pizza.

“I was very surprised that I wasn’t hungry all this time, although I will say the first week was the hardest. After that, I flew through the program and one unexpected side effect was that my skin was a lot clearer. I have never had acne But I was going to have a weird breakout. My skin was now glowing!

“I also felt like I had more energy. Since I lost weight, I’m now back to running again and it’s a lot easier this time because I’m not too heavy. I was worried about gaining weight again, but I knew I was responding well to challenges, so I signed up. In a local running challenge and I have to run a mile a day.

“By setting these goals for myself, it keeps me motivated and I can manage my weight,” Kelly added.

“If I’m being honest, I’m not quite at my target weight yet, where I’d like to lose a few more pounds. However, I realize that for me, it’s about finding a balance between enjoying myself socially and living a healthy lifestyle.

“I’ve now moved to the new 5:2 phase and tweaked it to fit our lifestyle. Some days my partner and I will eat out of the plan, but other days we’ll be less strict if we have social engagement. We have a really nice balance, so for me, the thing The main one is to maintain weight loss during the summer months.”

Dr. Michael explained: “Eating well and achieving a healthy weight is so much more than your appearance. It is about improving your mental health, protecting your brain and avoiding the development of chronic diseases, such as type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Our answer is a White Sea-style diet Medium, has been proven by science to be one of the healthiest diets in the world, while being both satisfying and delicious.”

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