Vancouver Coastal Health welcomes back 864 environmental and food service workers

Vancouver Coastal Health welcomes back 864 environmental and food service workers

Harry Benz Secretary of Labor.

Bringing these workers back into the public order recognizes their value and demonstrates that our government values ​​the vital work they do every day. Vancouver Coastal Health and the patients in care there are better than that, too.”

Susie Chant, MLA for North Vancouver – Seymour –

“Better jobs for health care workers benefit everyone. I am delighted that these workers will return to Vancouver Coastal Health with improved working conditions and security, while continuing to provide quality service to people in our communities.”

David Ibe, MLA for Vancouver-Point Gray –

“Strengthening our healthcare system begins with taking care of our healthcare workers. By ensuring our workers have stable and safe jobs, we not only treat them properly, but we improve employee retention, provide better patient care, and build stronger working relationships for all.” “.

George Heyman, MLA for Vancouver-Fairview –

“I am delighted to see 864 workers come together and become part of the Vancouver Coastal healthcare team. Bringing contracted services back into the public order restores good, stable jobs for healthcare workers and ensures quality care for people in our community.”

Bowen Ma, MLA for North Vancouver-Lonsdale –

Previous government actions lowered wages for health care workers and eliminated the jobs they depended on. For our community in North Vancouver, these important workers at Lions Gate Hospital, Evergreen House, North Shore Hospice, and Margaret Fulton Center stepped in when we needed them most. This homecoming is theirs with fair wages. There are no words to describe how happy I am that we are now able to welcome them back into public service. welcome home.”

Nicholas Simmons, MLA for Powell River-Sunshine Coast –

“Every health service worker returning to the public system is essential to building a stronger healthcare system and stronger communities. I am very happy that these workers will now benefit from well-paid and secure jobs and that Bill 47 made this possible.”

Aman Singh, MLA for Richmond-Queensboro –

“When we care about our health service workers, we create a work environment that provides better patient care. I am happy to welcome the workers to the Vancouver Coastal Health facilities in Richmond, and I know our health care system is stronger because of them.”

Vivian Eliopoulos, President and CEO, Vancouver Coastal Health –

“Vancouver Coastal Health appreciates the partnership we have had with our environmental services and food service personnel, and we are thrilled to welcome them back to VCH. Environmental and food services personnel play an important role in providing for the needs of patients, customers, and residents across our acute and community sites. We greatly value the contributions of service personnel our environmental and food services over the years and look forward to reintegrating them, which will enhance the experiences of those we care about every day.”

Mina Brisard, Secretary for Business Director, Hospital Staff Union –

“Housekeepers and catering workers are vital members of the healthcare team. By bringing these jobs back into the public service, the government is working to reverse the failed privatization policies of the past that fragmented our healthcare system. Health means a stronger health care system and better working conditions for those frontline workers, most of whom are women or racist workers.”

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