'Unhealthy' - After life-changing diet and exercise routine to avoid 'death at 10.4 years', Dana White is putting fans in a frenzy with 'fried' food

‘Unhealthy’ – After life-changing diet and exercise routine to avoid ‘death at 10.4 years’, Dana White is putting fans in a frenzy with ‘fried’ food

Even if you don’t follow Dana WhiteYou must have come across “F**k It Friday”. It’s a series in which the UFC president tries different combinations of weird and crazy food on his social media accounts. It all started with an advertisement for the Kentucky Fried Chicken Donut sandwich. White recreated the same, and thus, the “F**k It Friday” series began.


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Dana WhiteHe recently revealed that he only has about a decade left to live. The UFC world is crazy about this. Besides White eating unhealthy food, it annoys many of his fans. His last episode with Alfredo Taco received many reactions.


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Dana White tries Taco Alfredo

In the latest ‘F**k It Friday’, Dana White Try the tacos alfredo. He fried a fried chicken breast and used it as a taco shell. Then put some Alfredo pasta on top of the chicken crust. White had previously announced that he would be a mess.

He was actually a mess, as he took a bite and wiped his hands and face, then pounced on him for a second.

Dana White only has a decade to live

Dana White He recently revealed that he would have had 10.4 years, if he continued with his current lifestyle. He also had his blood work done and the news wasn’t good at all. White claims that within 10 weeks, with a new lifestyle, he had lost 30 pounds.

Not only that, but he claimed to be snoring-free and better sleep. “I feel like 35”, He said Dana White.

Fans react to Dana White’s latest episode “F**k It Friday”

Fans who follow Dana White And the UFC knows all too well how precarious White’s health has been in the past. He had to follow a strict diet and routine when he did Meniere’s disease. The news that he only has 10 years to live has upset many of his fans.

One follower taunted Wyatt, saying that his series became a good guide to what to eat when one’s high.

Another comment said that all of Dana White’s gains were lost in 10 seconds, making food mock.

Next, a fan questioned White’s keto diet. The reply stated that it is not keto, especially on F**k Fridays.

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“Just got a six-episode deal with the Food Network” – Dana White opens up about his new project

10 months ago

Many of the responses on Twitter were just a mockery of his life expectancy. A UFC fan declared that fans need good health Dana White.

A supporter of the UFC president said that everything White was doing on the show didn’t look good.

Another response from a fan agreed with the fact that this food would not help the president with a life expectancy of 10.4 years.

One tweet said this unhealthy food is why Dana White’s doctor says he only has a decade left to live.

Another tweet mocked White for being surprised about 10.4 years of prognosis.


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Although many of the reactions included sarcasm, some showed concern about the UFC president. Meanwhile, a fan congratulated Wyatt on his improved health, and announced that UFC fans don’t want to lose him anytime soon.


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Fans know the fact that the UFC wouldn’t be the same without it Dana White. Whereas, this is reflected in the comments and reactions to his food choices on Fridays. There is no doubt that White has the support of millions. Many love the series, while others believe that it is not worth it. What do you think of the song “F**k It Friday” by Dana White?

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