Train Like a Pro: How Laurie Harvey Strong Stays and Finds Balance

Train Like a Pro: How Laurie Harvey Strong Stays and Finds Balance

“I think when I was trying to lose fat, I definitely had to figure out my BMI, and what calories to conserve or [be in a deficit]…I had to know my rhythm and the pattern that suited my body. Now, I’ve found what works for me.”

Perhaps the most exciting part of hearing Laurie Harvey reveal her journey is her admission that she is one. While many influencers may attribute to genetics or skinny tea “I woke up like this,” Harvey is the first to admit that her physique is the result of discipline. It’s not the result of some six-week challenge, an unattainable personal trainer and nutritionist group, or an overnight miracle procedure. For Harvey, it has always been a matter of consistency, sticking to the same set of practices in order to achieve holistic wellness – day in, day out, day out. “I really worked hard for this, so having a conversation is a great moment.” Below, Harvey breaks down the non-negotiable things to feel her best.

It’s all about balance

The biggest thing for me is that I don’t really try to limit myself too much in what I eat, but I will judge in part, which I’ve found helps me a lot. When I went on a diet and was very restrictive, it got tough – I crave things I “shouldn’t” eat more. And then, when I started eating [normally] Again, I’ll go a little too hard. So portion control helps me balance. I love a great meal. I still love to eat great food; This is where quota control came in. I’m going to dinner and all my friends are like, “Let’s drink,” and I’d rather have water, but I’m definitely going to have dessert after dinner. I prefer eating my calories over drinking calories. I always have to have something sweet after my meals.

Find the right fitness routine for you

I was always trying to figure out what exercise would be best for my body. I had a horse riding accident, so [protecting my joints] It was something I struggled with. As I get older, I start to feel it more and more. I think I’ve tried almost every type of exercise; Lots of cardio and lots of weights. So it was really weight lifting that started to affect my knees and back. Then, once I switched to Pilates, I was like, OK. I just felt like I found my kit and I was like, OK, I think that’s what works best for me, and it just gave me the definition I want. It’s a lifetime to see what works, our body is always changing.

Self-care is self-confidence

Every day I make my own five-step regimen from my streak (SKN by LH), but I have a little hack I put on TikTok that really went viral, which was the Greek Yogurt Mask The Next Day – 0% Creamy Greek Yogurt, Lactic Acid Removes Pigmentation . Also, the cute workout set is great [motivation]Clothing that hugs the body perfectly and is comfortable and cool. It all helps with how I feel about myself, regardless of how anyone else feels about my appearance. So I would say that just having inner self-confidence helps balance everything out. [Regarding mental health] I’m in therapy. I think everyone should be in therapy. I think self-work never ends.

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Building – and embracing – borders

I think having my dad already in the spotlight helped me navigate a lot because he had a lot of really great advice. It helps me keep my balance, and it keeps me grounded. I would say that my family and friends are a great foundation and support system for me to stay balanced and balanced. When it gets a little confusing, I’ll go home for a bit and talk to me. Remember who I am and close the naysayers. I stay focused on my goals, my journey, and what I want to do. It’s tough, but the thing my dad always told me was not to let people’s opinions really get to me. Having a great support system comes into play as it helps me prevent any negativity and focus on the good.

Stay inspired by your goals

My definition of success is just hitting the goals I set each day. Because it’s important every day — you face different challenges. So, just being able to wake up and achieve the different goals you set for each day, but also life goals. I’m actually getting back to riding now, which is something I’ve been missing. So I’m really excited about that.

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