The pressure for daily health advice trumps politics

The pressure for daily health advice trumps politics

“In general, both new cases and deaths are lower, although in a few countries deaths (presumably as a result of recent infections) are slightly higher. Interestingly, this appears to be happening in Australia as well,” says Dr. Priscilla Robinson. .

“In the long run, reducing the quarantine time to five days is not going to help the economy at all. The sick (and the dead) are not buying much from the stores.” Michael Moore Reflects some clear observations about living with Covid disease.

Some welcome further easing of restrictions around COVID-19 and it seems politically appropriate. However, the truth is that many still suffer or die.

Michael Moore.

So what was the advice of the Commonwealth Chief Medical Officer along with top state and territory health officials that prompted the National Cabinet to lift restrictions further?

In the federal election, Labor promised to create a national center for disease prevention and control. Advice from this organization, once established, should be open and transparent. Unlike the current system, this will require politicians to explain why they reject or modify public health advice.

The impact of COVID-19 in the ACT may be reduced. However, the epidemic did not pass. Epidemiologist Dr. Priscilla Robinson, a friend and colleague, works at La Trobe University. She has been a regular writer in a closed group on COVID-19 clearly explaining the changing situation regarding the pandemic. Her thoughts, as on September 7, effectively reflect how well Australia is doing.

“The main sources of new notifications this week appear to be Japan (over 900,000), South Korea (over 500,000) and China (about a quarter of a million). Although the case numbers are not necessarily very large, many Pacific Island countries have seen Significant rises in lineage (eg Micronesia, Niue).

“Overall, both new cases and deaths are declining, although in a few countries deaths (presumably as a result of recent infections) are slightly higher. Interestingly, this appears to be happening in Australia as well.

Worldwide, 7.7 percent of coronavirus cases have now been reported (so the true rate would be higher). The case fatality rate continues its downward movement, now to 1.07 per cent. Therefore, it is not surprising that some countries are seeing much more of their citizens infected, with infection rates in mainly European countries of more than 50 percent.

Dr. Priscilla Robinson.

“In Australia, we are now 14thThe tenth In the world by number of cases – a real achievement considering we were at the bottom a year ago. We’re still getting about 10,000 cases a day, and it seems like no one cares anymore.

“By the way, the Australian case fatality rate continues to slowly rise, while the global rate is declining. We are not doing well, people.”

“Reducing the quarantine time to five days, in the long run, will cause more grief, as many people still shed the virus in anything up to two weeks after symptoms start, so more people will be exposed to the disease.

In the long run this will do absolutely nothing to help the economy. Sick (and dying) don’t buy much from stores.

About a year ago, I made an analogy between coronavirus restrictions and road safety, and I think the same message needs to be repeated.

“Road safety works as one package – drivers know they need to stop at red lights and for pedestrians, stay below the speed limit, keep their car working, local authorities are responsible for maintaining the condition of the roads etc. If you travel somewhere like PNG You can see what happens to the roads when this agreement expires.

“And so it is with Covid – there is no attempt to force the wearing of masks in any way on transportation – the last time I was on a coach, someone without a mask asked the driver to sell her a mask, which amazed him – ‘No, I sell Bus tickets and bus driving… ‘And I asked someone standing next to me to wear a mask if they didn’t want to get away (it worked).

“Any attempt to protect people seems to be missing in action – it’s sometimes difficult for people to even get access to those famous vaccines, and I realize that RATs are less available and more expensive, and antiviral treatments are not available to most people.”

The epidemic is still with us. Let’s hope that the creation of the National Center for Disease Prevention and Control means a change from the times when politics trumps public health advice. But don’t hold your breath.

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