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The OSU accessory helps kids have a delicious fall break

Monday 10 October 2022

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As fall break approaches for Oklahoma students, Oklahoma State University Extension and Nutrition Information Education Project in Oklahoma She participates in promoting healthy snacks while the kids are home for the school vacation.

The Flavorful Fall Break resource features a variety of healthy snack recipes that kids can easily prepare during the fall holidays Jenny KlovaAssociate State Specialist for Youth Programs through the Community Nutrition Education Program at OSU Extension.

Klova said nutrition education assistants with CNEP will build on what they are already doing at several schools across the state by offering Flavorful Fall Break materials. In addition, all recipes are available on CNEP . Facebook pagethrough the OSU District Extension Offices And the ONIE . website.

“We want to encourage healthy eating habits for young people, and that includes fall breaks,” Klova said. Young people involved in preparing their meals and snacks tend to experiment with healthy foods. The recipes created by ONIE are quick, easy and full of flavour. Some prescriptions require help from a parent or caregiver.”

Our delicious Fall Break recipes include:

With the holiday season approaching, many classes will be celebrating with parties. These delicious treats are a great alternative to some of the traditional sugary desserts found at classroom celebrations.

“We all love to celebrate the holidays, but the typical classroom party tends to provide a lot of sugar for the kids,” Klova said. “Parents and teachers in charge of party planning can use these recipes as a healthy food option, but students can actually make them during the party. This will help plan the party and give them a fun activity to do.”

Kids’ balanced eating pattern encourages no more than 25 grams of added sugar per day, and school parties can get that far quickly. A 12-ounce can of soda contains about 40 grams of added sugar, while a regular chocolate bar has about 20 grams of added sugar. It’s easy to see how quickly added sugar can build up.

Melody Nabors, a teacher at Fort Towson Elementary School in Choctaw County, said she is happy to provide more healthy snack options for her students.

“Classroom parties are so much fun, but the amount of sugar consuming can sometimes interfere with learning. It’s good for our students to have healthy alternatives,” Nabors said. “We have a great working relationship with OSU Extension, and I look forward to using the information provided through these resources. .”

The recipes are designed to encourage healthy eating, and when a child develops good habits, it helps them make healthy choices throughout their life, Klova said.

“When children are involved in the process of making their own food, they are more receptive to trying new healthy options,” she said. “It’s important to keep in mind that all foods can fit into an eating plan, and adults need to be a good role model in their food choices.”

Contact your nearest county OSU extension office for more information on Flavorful Fall Break resources.

The OSU supplement provides additional information on health, nutrition, and wellness.

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