The nutritionist suggests five simple and healthy tips that effectively help maintain the diet

The nutritionist suggests five simple and healthy tips that effectively help maintain the diet

A healthy lifestyle includes not only physical exercise sessions, but also a calculated diet is an integral part of it. But maintaining a healthy diet is not an easy task. Cheating meals, cheat days, and food cravings are some of the factors that can keep you away from your goal. Eating a healthy diet requires great discipline, to help you keep up with it, nutritionist Rashi Chowdhary recently used social media to share a series of simple tips. According to her, following and normalizing the five healthy habits listed below can make a huge difference in your healthy lifestyle.

Carry your snack:

When leading a healthy lifestyle, it is absolutely necessary to give utmost importance to one’s diet. Eating a full meal during snack time can be easily avoided when you carry your healthy snack. So, when your friends overeat, you can keep them healthy by enjoying a portable snack that will also keep you away from the big meal without feeling deprived. Self-control can be difficult at times like these, but being disciplined about your diet will only do wonders.

be honest:

Just saying you’re on a diet isn’t enough. Maybe you are trying to lose weight or eat clean for endo, being honest with diet is very essential and healthy too. So, the next time you are tempted to eat a few French fries or eat a burger, you should refrain from giving in to unhealthy urges.

Coffee Consumption Monitoring:

According to the expert, coffee is not completely unhealthy. She said, “Use two cups of black coffee a day to naturally curb your appetite! 250mg of caffeine is also good for your heart and rich in antioxidants. If you’re feeling stressed or anxious, you obviously don’t have it. Don’t have your first cup in the morning.”

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Modification of meals in restaurants:

Sometimes it’s hard to resist food cravings. At such times, adjusting meals in restaurants comes to the rescue. Asking for more veggies or reducing the amount of oil and butter can help you stay on track.

Eating an early dinner:

The expert suggests that eating an early dinner is a game changer. “Even if you can’t do it daily..that’s okay..let’s do it 3-4 times a week. It won’t stimulate cortisol, it will help melatonin production and you will sleep better,” she explained.

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