The new Yummy app works like Dall-E but fits meals and groceries

Yummy has created an AI that can create and adapt recipes based on taste and dietary restrictions. It comes complete with AI-generated images of what your dishes might look like, According to TechCrunch.

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In this photo taken on August 25, 2021, a chef cuts pizza at DR Chef Fusion’s cloud kitchen facility in Mumbai. The boom in food delivery apps during the pandemic has made customers increasingly accustomed to delivering quality restaurant meals quickly to their homes, and to meet this demand, an increasing number of restaurants have set up delivery-only kitchens

The Estonian startup is using generative AI and other cutting-edge technologies to build a fully customizable grocery and meal planning experience that delivers on flair, budget and variety while reducing food waste. Its goal is to deliver customized results to its clients.

Similar to the Dall-E . prompt

The a program Easy to use similar to D-E urgent. In addition, users can filter their search or modify the ingredients to get exactly what they want. Yummy allows users to prepare various dishes by creating new recipes and images to match them.

The company also says that its platform features make it possible to eat healthy using only in-season ingredients or those available locally. Users also don’t need to read all the labels because the AI ​​will take care of all of that.

Currently, the company is opening a catering service in Poland. Yummy has the support of Estonian founders who act as angel investors, which has allowed them to raise $3.6 million.

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AI for meal planning and grocery shopping

These days, many startups and AI are using artificial intelligence to improve existing services or to create specialized services. Yummy is a startup that uses artificial intelligence to plan meals and shop for groceries. Yummy plans to roll out its services in different countries soon. In the future, it is possible that artificial intelligence will be able to make a significant contribution to the food-making process.

The role of artificial intelligence in healthy eating

It can be difficult to meet meal requirements. There are many factors to consider when it comes to preparing a healthy meal. For example, it is not easy to satisfy the demand for a healthy meal just by using a recipe. This is one of the reasons why AI is so useful in the food making process.

In the future, it is possible that artificial intelligence will be able to make a significant contribution to the food-making process. The company says the goal is to make food more nutritious and less guilty. To do this, you must be able to order the food you need and make all the decisions for you. This is what Yummy is trying to do.

While we don’t know how well AI will deliver the best food possible, it is clear that AI will change the way we consume food in the future. It is possible that AI will be able to make food healthier and improve overall taste in the future.

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