Chinese heart-healthy diet effective for lowering BP in Chinese adults

The heart-healthy Chinese diet is effective in lowering blood pressure in Chinese adults | Latest news for doctors, nurses and pharmacists

The Chinese Heart-Healthy (CHH) Diet was effective, Palatable, and cost-effective in lowering blood pressure (BP) in Chinese adults with mild hypertension, results from the DECIDE*-DEIT trial suggest.

The burden of cardiovascular disease has increased rapidly in China, due in part to the transition from traditional healthy diets to mostly unhealthy patterns today. [Circulation
2016;133:2545-2560] “[This] It is becoming a growing concern… [hence the need for] “Effective nutritional strategies to improve the health status of its population,” the researchers said.

“[We] They conducted the experiment in four ** study centers across China… representing four major Chinese cuisines: Shandong, Huaiyang, Cantonese, and Sichuan.”[Our findings] Demonstrate that the blood pressure lowering effect of the CHH regimen can be significant and compatible with drugs while being palatable and affordable in Chinese adults with hypertension. “

Participants performed a 7-day running phase on a control diet tailored to typical local diets tailored to their preferences. Next, 265 adults (median age 56.5 years, 52 percent female, mean systolic blood pressure [SBP] 139.4 mm Hg) were randomly selected in a 1:1 ratio to consume the CHH regimen or the control diet provided during the run-in period. The meals were to be eaten in three meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) for the next 28 days.
[Circulation 2022;146:303-315]

Compared to the components of a typical diet in urban China, The CHH diet reduced sodium intake (6000 to 3000 mg/day) and energy from fat (by 5-8 percent). The components that were increased were energy intake from protein (by 3.5-5.5%), energy from carbohydrates (by 0-5%), dietary fiber (from 11 to 30 g/day), and potassium intake (from <1700 to 3700 mg/day). ). /day).

Compared to the control arm, the CHH arm had a greater change in SBP from baseline to the end of the intervention (-15.0 vs -5.0 mmHg; P<0.001). According to the researchers, the effect of the CHH diet on BP may be driven by alterations in nutrient components.

Severe hypotension was in women versus men in the subgroup analysis (-12.0 versus -7.6 mm Hg; p.Interaction= 0.037).
“Gender differences in response to the CHH diet … may be explained by women’s better adherence to the intervention,” the researchers said.

The CHH and control arms had similar food costs (mean 24 vs 21 CNY/day) and a visual analysis score of food preference (net difference, 0.1; p = 0.558). “[These suggest that] The flavor preference for the CHH diet was as good as the usual local diet. [Also,] The additional cost of the CHH diet/person/day ($0.6 per 10 mm Hg) was low and affordable for the general public.”


The study did not achieve the planned recruitment target due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The intervention period was rather short. “[Although] Our weekly monitoring of morning BP showed that the effect of the intervention increases with study duration, and we cannot conclude whether the effect size would increase further if the intervention was prolonged.”

Like the DASH*** trial, the current study used a precisely controlled protocol in which raw foodstuffs were weighed and meals measured before and after consumption to ensure maximum accuracy in estimating nutrient intake. “[However, we were not able to] Separate the effect of reducing sodium intake from the effect of changes in diet by design. They noted that this is an important question that must be addressed in future studies.

Expansion is justified

“[Despite the limitations, our study showed] The researchers said the CHH diet could produce a significant blood pressure-lowering effect comparable to antihypertensive drugs among patients with high blood pressure. “Our results support the idea that ‘food is medicine’ and will give many patients with high blood pressure the confidence to adopt a healthy diet as a lifestyle treatment.”

They stressed, “Given the already high and increasing prevalence of hypertension in China and the size of the affected population, expanding the CHH diet across the country holds great significance in the prevention and control of hypertension and CVD.”

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