The best food steamer for healthy and hassle-free cooking

The best food steamer for healthy and hassle-free cooking

Family cooking with one of the best food steamer

Investing in one of the best steamers will allow you to prepare healthy, nutritious and delicious meals. Steaming is a gentle cooking method that locks in vitamins and is a healthy way to prepare vegetables. And no added oil is needed when steaming meat and fish, making it an excellent low-fat cooking method.

You can buy many different steamers; These include traditional stove-top bamboo steamers, stainless-steel rolling stock pots, and multi-tiered electric steamers. So, whether you’re looking for the best food steamer for vegetables or you’re new to steaming, there’s something for everyone.

However, producing healthy food doesn’t have to be expensive. Even the best steamers aren’t pricey – they start as low as $30 / £25 for basic electric steamers, steamers and bamboo steamers. For more premium electric steamers with larger capacity, you’re looking at around $80 / £70, but you usually don’t have to spend more than $100 / £85.

When choosing the best pot for steaming food, it is essential to consider the capacity you may need. A smaller steamer will likely fit the bill if you’re cooking for up to two people or plan to use it only for vegetables. Whereas if you want to steam whole meals or cook them for a family, bigger is probably best.

It helps that most layer steamers are flexible, allowing you to remove the layers if you are not using them. Another key factor to consider is the price and length of warranty for electric steamers. Also, many of the best steamers come with dishwasher-safe parts for easy cleaning.

Freelance writer Helen McCoy

Freelance writer Helen McCoy

Helen McCoy

Helen is an experienced reviewer for home appliances, with over 8 years of testing kitchen essentials such as blenders, air fryers, and steamers. After training as a home economist, she joined Good Housekeeping and began reviewing home appliances. She is now a freelance writer specializing in cookware to help you prepare delicious, nutritious and comforting meals at home.

The best food steamer for your home

BELLA Double Layer Steamer

BELLA Double Layer Steamer

1. Bella Double Layer Steamer

The best food steamer for most people

Eligibility: 7.4 L / 7 L | Number of settings: 1 | Extra features: Water inlet tray | a guarantee: Two years

easy to use

Dishwasher safe parts

Boil dry protection

Small numbers on the dial

It is difficult to accurately set the mechanical timer

With a simple dial to set the time and no other complicated controls to master, the Bella Two Tier Food Steamer is just as easy to use as an electric steamer. It allows even the most reluctant chef to easily steam delicious and healthy food.

With two separate steaming baskets, you can prepare a complete meal consisting of steamed fish or chicken with steamed vegetables. Or, if you need some carbs after a workout, a rice bowl allows you to steam rice.

The 7.4L capacity will easily cater to a couple or a smaller family, and the handy claims there’s room for four chicken breasts. All removable parts can be placed in the dishwasher for easy cleaning. Plus, at just under $35, this steamer offers great value for money.

Ovente Electric Food Steamer

Ovente Electric Food Steamer

2. Ovente Electric Food Steamer

Best budget food steamer

Eligibility: 5 L / 4.7 L | Number of settings: 1 | Extra features: automatic shutdown | a guarantee: One year

Easy to use

budget friendly

Compact design

No window for water level

There is no timer

If you want to steam healthy foods for up to two people and aren’t looking for any fancy settings, the Ovente Electric Food Steamer is an inexpensive electric steamer that will get the job done. The easy-to-use mechanical timer dial can be set for up to 60 minutes, but there are no other settings, making this the perfect beginner steamer for healthy steaming foods.

This form can be frustrating if you want an accurate timer because the dial only has ticks every five minutes. Another challenge is the lack of a water metering window, so it’s hard to tell when the water’s running low. Fortunately, the automatic shut-off will turn off the heat if the water dries up.

It’s not the most powerful steamer you can buy, but it will still work well for steaming your favorite healthy vegetables, and with dishwasher-safe parts, cleaning shouldn’t be a problem. However, the small size will limit what you can steam in it. There may not be enough room for particularly tall vegetables, and larger vegetables such as artichokes may need to be cut in half.

Secura Electric Food Steamer

Secura Electric Food Steamer

3. Secura Electric Food Steamer

Best Large Capacity Food Steamer

Eligibility: 8.5 liters / 8 liters | Number of settings: 3 temperatures and 5 cooking modes | Extra features: Late start, keep warm | a guarantee: One year

Stainless steel cooking baskets

Boil dry protection

Preset cooking modes

expensive option

Cover handle is prone to loosening

Many people try to stay away from plastic when cooking for a healthier lifestyle. Secura Electric Steam Iron is a good choice if you are looking for a non-plastic electric steamer. However, it is one of the most expensive steamers, but it also has a larger capacity and more functionality.

The two stainless steel cooking baskets provide a generous 8.5 quart cooking capacity, ideal for steaming larger quantities. So, you can cook chicken breasts in batches if you’re loading up on protein or make mounds of healthy steamed veggies for a low-fat dinner. Each basket has two large handles for easy lifting, and a glass lid completes the stay away from plastic; Plus, everything is dishwasher safe.

Not only does it have a delay start timer and keep-warm function, but this model also offers five preset cooking modes for chicken, fish, rice, vegetables, and grains. Preset modes eliminate the thought of steaming and provide a good starting point, especially if you’re new to steaming. What’s more, it also has three different levels of steam power, giving you plenty of control over how you cook your food.

Three ways to cut bamboo steamer

Three ways to cut bamboo steamer

4. Three ways cutting bamboo steamer

The best bamboo steamer

Eligibility: 2 levels 10 x 2.4 inches | Number of settings: not available | Extra features: Heat Insulated Handles, Stainless Steel Sink Adapter, Four Heat Insulated Bushings| a guarantee: not available

You can use it on a variety of pot sizes

Made of natural bamboo

heat insulated handles

Not safe for dishwasher

The water in the bowl must be monitored

If you’re not interested in an electrical appliance, the 3WayCat Bamboo Steam Iron sits over a pot of boiling water on the stovetop and is just as effective. The steamer is made of natural bamboo and costs about the same as the entry-level electric model.

It does not have the same large capacity as the electric steamers on this list. But the two 10-inch baskets are about 2.4 inches deep, which is plenty for steaming a healthy fish dinner and most chopped vegetables you might want to steam, as long as you’re not cooking for a crowd.

The benefit of steaming over water is that you have more control over the amount of steam coming out of the pot as you can flip the burner up or down accordingly. But the downside is that for safety reasons, you can’t go away and let it cook to a boil or boil dry.

This steamer has a stainless steel adapter for added versatility, so you’re not limited to 10-inch pots—it can fit on anything from a 6-inch saucepan to a 12-inch skillet. Although you can’t put it in the dishwasher, it comes with four heat-resistant liners, which can be used to avoid food sticking to the bamboo.

Hamilton Beach digital food steamer

Hamilton Beach digital food steamer

5. Hamilton Beach Digital Food Steamer

Best small pot for food steamer

Eligibility: 5.5 L / 5.2 L | Number of settings: 1 | Extra features: Late start, keep warm | a guarantee: One year

Low water warning

Bowls nest inside each other for compact storage

Includes a rice bowl

Steamers are not dishwasher safe

Plastic parts may look cheap

The Hamilton Beach Digital Food Steamer has a similar capacity to the Ovente cooker below, but is more expensive and, as such, offers some useful additional features. This 2-level steamer has a digital timer that allows for precise time settings.

Moreover, it has a delay start timer that you can set at any time between 30 minutes and 24 hours. This allows you to prepare it before you go out and prepare the food as you enter the door. It’s a useful feature for those times when you know you’ll come home hungry, like after a gym session, hiking, or swimming.

The keep warm function turns on automatically at the end of the cooking time and will keep the food warm for up to an hour. Although avoid overcooking foods, which can lead to a loss of nutrients, we advise to rely on this only as a last resort. And if the water runs out, the steamer will automatically turn off for safety.

The oval shape is useful for taller vegetables like asparagus. For anything larger, like a whole head of cauliflower, you can remove the base of the top bowl to create a large steaming area. And with the rice steamer included in the box, you can use this versatile steamer to prepare a varied menu of healthy meals.

How to choose the best food steamer

Before you decide on the best food steamer for your home, it’s important to think about how you plan to use your new appliance. You’ll need to consider how many people you intend to cook for, whether you need automatic timers and shutters, and whether an electric countertop machine is what you really need.


The capacity of electric steamers is generally limited to the size of the machine base. To prevent dangerous buildup, baskets and layers don’t extend beyond the base, so a larger machine will have a larger steam capacity as well.

So, if you are looking for a family or plan to host people on a regular basis, you may need a larger capacity steamer. Likewise, if you often cook longer vegetables such as asparagus, a greater amount of steam would be ideal, unless you don’t mind chopping the vegetables before cooking.

Settings and add-ons

Some devices offer a basic streaming service and a little more. There may be an alternate bowl or bowl, and this may be helpful for some people. However, there are steamers with additional features such as timers, automatic shutdown and delayed cooking.

Depending on your lifestyle and the types of foods you plan to steam, these features may or may not be necessary; So it’s important to spend some time deciding what you want to use most often.

If you like steaming rice, a non-stick rice bowl will be a helpful addition. And some steamers, such as the Secura Electric Food Steamer, have different temperature settings and preset cooking modes to conveniently steam certain foods.


We’re used to many kitchen appliances that use plastic parts, and if you’re on a tight budget, plastic steamers are some of the most budget-friendly, but cooking with plastic can have unintended side effects.

Heating plastic food containers may leach chemicals into your food, according to Harvard Medical School. To avoid this, you can choose a stainless steel steamer such as the Secura Electric Food Steamer, although this can significantly increase the cost.

Switching to a bamboo steamer is a more budget-friendly way to avoid plastic, even though it’s designed to sit atop a pot or pan of boiling water and is completely non-electric. Depending on your needs, this may be fine, but fumigating with bamboo baskets is a much more manual process.

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