The airline menus are set for a well-deserved upgrade, featuring fresh, healthy food

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Vancouver, British ColumbiaAnd the September 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/- United States of America newsgroup – The frequency with which flyers are fed is about to change, as is the case with many of the major airlines in the aviation industry upgrade their listings In the near future. These moves are paired with recovery efforts, as the industry bounced back from recently heavy losses Since 2020. Among the notable changes that have come from American Airlines Group (NASDAQ: AAL) that are actively upgrading their food sources for things like greens, while other sources like Consolidated Airlines Group SA (OTCPK: ICAGY) Subsidiary British AirwaysAnd the air Canada (TSX: AC) (OTCQX: ACDVF) And the Onex company (TSX: ONEX) (OTCPK: ONEXF) subsidiary Westgatewhich has recently started to introduce a new mix of high protein snacks from the newly public Natural Pangea Food (CSE: PNGA) (OTCQB: PNGAF) Based on the Vancouver, Canada.

according to Former airline executive Henry Heartfeldtfounder of a travel consulting firm Atmospheric Research Group: “Food is one of the most tangible indications of what an airline thinks of its customers.”

This is why Onex company (TSX: ONEX) (OTC: ONEXF) subsidiary Westgate Become the last to improve your snack offerings, and get rid of cliched joke What’s the deal with flying peanuts?

Westgate Pangea Munchie Mix will now be presented by Natural Pangea Food (CSE: PNGA) (OTC: PNGAF), which consists of non-GMO superfoods including dried cranberries, yogurt chips, roasted cashews, almonds, and pumpkin seeds.

“We are very excited about the momentum we have built with a number of airline partners that carry Pangea’s. munchie mix. “Says Pangea Executive Director Pratap SandhuLaunching this partnership is yet another way Pangea Munchie Mix will become the snack of choice for travelers. We look forward to making healthy, non-GMO Pangea products readily available to customers not only in Canada And the United Statebut globally.

Pangea Munchie mix will be available for Westgate Business class passengers on the carrier’s global fleet. The airline operates Canada The second largest airline with a fleet of more than 160 aircraft, serving 109 destinations in 24 countries.

previously, Pangea announced the joining of Pangea Munchie Mix on two other major airlines, namely air Canada (TSX: AC) (OTC: ACDVF) and Consolidated Airlines Group SA (OTC: ICAGY) Subsidiary British Airways.

The global airline catering business is valued 21 billion US dollars By 2024, the Pangea Looking forward to playing a role in the industry.” Analytical report from earlier this year. “between British AirwaysAnd the air Canada and now WestgatePangea munchie mix It will have more than 650 aircraft around the world. For us, this is only the beginning.”

Pangea Recently added to British Airways’ A fleet of more than 230 aircraft, serving 13 domestic destinations in the UK, 192 international destinations in 76 countries, as well as air Canada Scheduled passenger service that flies directly to 51 Canadian airports and 46 destinations in United State and 67 airports in EuropeThe The Middle EastAnd the AsiaAnd the Africaand flight Up to 438 daily flights between Canada And the United State lonliness.

Together with vegetable pancakes and stale ghee, Pangea manufactures munchie mix At home in a Vancouver Lower Mainland facility, which is approved by both the Canadian Food Inspection Agency and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

far and away The largest airline fleet in the world under American Airlines Group (NASDAQ: AAL) which has already cemented its position as a vegan- and vegan-friendly, with About 23% of its customers Choose to pre-order vegetarian meals with the carrier.

But maintaining a healthy menu for such a large fleet comes with its own balance of challenges. When it comes to meals on the plane, vegetables and salads are among the most difficult dishes to serve on the plane. However, the airline is currently serving authorities on more flights today than it was before the pandemic began.

“We have to be very meticulous about the type of greens we serve,” He said American Airlines the spokeswoman Lea Robertino. Watercress, for example, is not our friend.

Beyond salads with fresh vegetables, American Airlines It also serves up a high-quality vegan “Eid Cereal Bowl” with rice, quinoa, black beans, broccoli, corn, and zucchini.

Both of these major airlines are making a concerted effort to improve their image with vegetarian and vegan customers, after recent incidents surfaced across social media. This allegedly included a service of Just a water bottle For a “vegetarian meal” on air CanadaWhile Westgate take criticism for Not having enough meatAnd the British Airways To serve butter and cheese invegetarian meal“, And the American Airlines It claims to serve bugs.

“A lot of the airlines have upped their game and I think they are committing to some consumer protections in writing that they have never seen before,” he said. Transportation Department Deputy Secretary Polly Tottenberg in Interview with CNN. “We will continue to work with them.”

Industry-wide, consumer complaints are nearly 270% higher than pre-pandemic levels, according to Trottenberg management. Q2 2022 Report.

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