Study suggests that a plant-based diet reduces the risk of fatal prostate cancer by 19%.

Study suggests that a plant-based diet reduces the risk of fatal prostate cancer by 19%.

A new study suggests that a plant-based diet can reduce the likelihood of developing life-ending prostate cancer.

The search was published in American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. It concluded that eating plant-based foods can reduce the overall risk of prostate cancer.

The study points to the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory elements in fruits and vegetables as key. Not only to reduce the risk of prostate cancer, but also to prevent prostate enlargement. The latter is a benign condition that can affect the urinary tract of sufferers.

In addition to having a lower chance of being diagnosed, those who eat a plant-based diet have been shown to have a 19 percent lower risk of dying from the condition, if they are found to have it.

Prostate cancer research

The study is titled Association of plant-based diet index with prostate cancer risk. The researchers followed 47,239 men over a 28-year period. During this time, 6,655 people were diagnosed with prostate cancer. This is broken down into 515 advanced cases, 956 fatal cases, and 806 deaths.

It was found that patients who ate higher levels of plant foods were significantly less likely to develop a serious condition. Although less than one percent of the participants followed a strict vegetarian diet.

Previously, low levels of prostate-specific antigen (PSA) were detected in vegetarian eaters. High levels of PSA have been identified as a marker of a possible diagnosis of prostate cancer. It is recommended for anyone over the age of 45 who has prostatitis Check PSA levels regularly.

Can diet cause prostate cancer?

Red meat has previously been flagged as an antidote to Prostate enlargement, as well as erectile dysfunction. Although there is no conclusive evidence that meat and dairy products cause prostate problems, a causal relationship is being investigated.

As with other forms of cancer, red, processed, and processed meat have been identified as likely to have an effect on prostate cancer risk. In a targeted study, cow’s milk was also shown to have a potential Negative effect on prostate health.

Apart from animal products, sugar is considered a harmful ingredient. Diets high in sugar can lead to inflammation in the body, which in turn contributes to an enlarged prostate.

“If you’re looking for a prostate, consider a low-sugar diet, reduced carbs, and stick to good, clean, healthy foods — fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as nuts and whole grains,” Dr. Brad Jill said Cleveland Clinic.

Likewise, the plant has already been found to have positive results regarding reduced risks of heart disease, diabetes, and other types of cancer, including colon and breast.

Adobe Stock A new study analyzed data from more than 47,000 men

Diet and environment

In addition to being seen as a potential weapon against various human health conditions, a plant-based diet is also key to avoiding climate catastrophe, research says.

The latest report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) states that moving away from animal products is necessary to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. By proxy, reduce global warming. This is because animal agriculture contributes at least on its own 14.5 percent of all greenhouse gas emissions.

“Switching to diets that are higher in plant protein in areas with excessive consumption of calories and foods of animal origin could lead to a significant reduction in emissions, while also providing health benefits,” the report states. “Plant-based diets can reduce emissions by up to 50 percent compared to the average emissions-intensive Western diet.”

Expert reviewer at the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Dr Peter Carter has doubled down on the emphasis several times since the report was released in February of this year. He stated that “going vegan is now a survival imperative” while supporting UN demands for a drastic reduction in consumption. methane emissions.

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