Roch Percy village under boiling water arrangement after the discovery of Escherichia coli bacteria in the water supply

Roch Percy village under boiling water arrangement after the discovery of Escherichia coli bacteria in the water supply

Water tests in the village of Roch Percy revealed E. coli contamination, and orders for boiling water have been initiated, the county health department said Friday.

This applies to the entire community and other individuals who obtain water from Roche Percy, about 20 kilometers southeast of Estefan.

“It’s been a crisis that’s been going on here for a while,” Mayor Jay Riddell said. “We had a flood in 2011 when there was six to seven feet of water, threatening a lot of things in this area.

“The water levels in the wells are low and without rain, and when we need to keep them full, we’re usually at the bottom all the time.”

No one in the community has experienced flu-like systems caused by exposure to E. coli, says Jay Riddell, Mayor of Roch Percy. (Provided by Jay Riddell)

Citing floods 2011 it Hundreds have been displaced in the province As rainfall has decreased as contributing factors, Riedel says the three wells in the village need to be developed.

Riddle said such warnings about boiling water have become “very common” — their community of about 100 people receives at least one advice each year.

“We were putting pressure on the government to provide a lot of help,” he said. “We need to get some help from the county if we want to keep this community going and as vibrant as it was before.”

Small communities are not “able to finance and modernize” their wells, and they want the county to drill new wells to avoid future contamination, Riddle said.

The community is also sending in more water samples to be tested to make sure it’s not a “rogue sample.”

He has not seen a disease yet

“In the meantime, we’re telling residents they need to boil the water and bring it to a boil for one minute before using it,” Riedel said.

No one in the community, he said, has had flu-like systems due to exposure yet.

The Ministry of Health advises using only boiled water for drinking, washing fruits and vegetables, and brushing teeth.

Also, the boil order applies to any water that may enter a person’s mouth, such as water used to brush teeth, soaking artificial teeth, and water that is put into food or drink that will not be heated later. Since harmful bacteria may survive freezing, ice cubes should also be made from pre-boiled water.

In addition to the above, all dishes and utensils should be soaked in a bleach solution (about 10ml of bleach per liter of water) for at least two minutes after washing to kill any bacteria that may be present. Bleach should not be mixed with soaps and detergents.

The Ministry of Health advises using boiled water for drinking, washing fruits and vegetables and brushing teeth, and avoiding public water fountains for safe sources such as bottled water. (Village of Roch Percy)

Drinking water from any public drinking fountains supplied with water from the public water supply was also discouraged.

“We are asking people to use alternative water sources that are known to be safe, such as bottled water.”

The Regional Water Security Agency said in an email statement that a boil order is issued when a system does not operate as designed, undergoes maintenance or fails to meet Saskatchewan drinking water standards.

“A water order/advisory will be lifted once all alert conditions are met, and the waterworks are producing water that meets Saskatchewan drinking water standards,” the statement read.

“This may necessitate that the waterworks owner will have to complete repairs, modernization and/or process improvement and/or send in bacteriological samples.

“At Roche Percee, system operators conduct follow-up tests to ensure the safety of drinking water, and [advisory] It will remain in place until that is done.”

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