Robin Walker McCord Received Distinguished School of Nursing and Health Sciences at VSU

October 26 2022

Jessica Pope
Communications and Media Relations Coordinator

Valdosta State University recently honored Robin Walker McCord with the 2022 College of Nursing and Health Sciences Excellence Award. Taken with Dr. Richard Carvajal, President of VSU, and Dr. James C. Pace, Dean of the College of Nursing and Health Sciences at VSU.

VALDOSTA – Valdosta State University recently honored Robin Walker McCord with the 2022 College of Nursing and Health Sciences Award for Excellence.

“This honor has inspired me to continue setting goals for myself,” she said. “There is always more to learn, more experience to gain, more people to serve. It is very humble because I know I still have a lot to offer. I am especially honored to receive this award as a representative of the College of Nursing and Health Sciences. I have always been very proud With my education and with the institution that has set me on my career path. I am more inspired than ever to continue to represent VSU well.”

McCord has championed physical activity and wellness programs for more than two decades. She is currently the Senior Oncology Program Director for Phoebe Putney Health System. She spends her days at the Phoebe Cancer Center in Albany, Georgia, where she offers innovative, evidence-based programs—health activities, support groups, prevention and screening initiatives, rehabilitation services, and more—that are essential to people with cancer.

McCord was instrumental in implementing the Colkett Regional Medical Center’s Institutional Wellness and Physician Referral Program in Moultrie, Georgia, and the Primary Afternoon Water Sports Safety Program for the Colquitt County School System. She also supervised pilot programs for the YMCA in the USA.

The knowledge McCord has gained through her pursuit of specialized health, fitness and wellness certifications has contributed to the well-being of countless individuals, both children and adults. Her commitment to serving older Georgians earned her the Arnisha Norman Award from the Department of Human Services for Geriatric Services.

McCord lives in Moultrie and attends Heritage Church. Her husband, Sam, who received a Bachelor of Business Administration in Management from Virginia State University in 1990, is an executive assistant scout for the South Georgia Council of Boy Scouts of America, which, she said, “offers me many opportunities to volunteer and support him in this role.” This includes serving as a Head Coach for the Fitness Merit Badge.

The McCord family includes a second generation of VSU graduates, with the possibility of a third generation in the future. Their son, Austin, followed in his mother’s footsteps and earned a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Physiology in December 2021. He is currently in basic training with the United States Army and will enter Officers Training School in December.

“We also have two daughters, Taylor and Emily,” McCord said. “Taylor blessed us with our first grandchild in January 2022, and we are thoroughly enjoying our new role as grandparents. Our youngest, Emily, will graduate from Virginia State University with a BBA in Management and a minor in Human Resources in December. Maya, our wonderful Husky Shepherd mix, He keeps us on our toes and is the de facto ruler of our family.”

McCord is a professional bodybuilder and a natural judge. She spends a lot of her free time preparing and training for competitions, coaching other athletes for competition, and judging bodybuilding performances.

McCord received a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Physiology in 1999.

Q: What are some of the highlights of your experience with Valdosta State?

A: I have fond memories of my time in Valdosta, but the highlight is my teachers. Dr. Mark Casper and Dr. Lagary Carter, who still work at the university today, have made a huge impact on me. They were very passionate about the field of exercise physiology and made sure that their students were better prepared to enter the job market. From organizing study groups, to running 5Ks together, these professors have gone above and beyond their teaching duties. Learning was very fun but still quite a challenge. I owe them so much for sparking the same passion in this field and for helping others. I have been fortunate enough to maintain this relationship with them for the past 24 years, and to this day I can still contact either of them for professional advice and guidance.

Q: What is your advice to current Valdosta students? What do you wish someone had told you when you were in college?

A: The best advice I can give is to get to know your professors and other students in your group or major. These relationships will serve you well after college. I learned many times about a job opportunity through a professor or other fellow graduate student. I was also able to share the same information with them when I needed interns or employees for different positions. We all look out for each other, even years later.

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