RailRecipe Successfully Delivers Healthy Food Across 500 Stations in 2022

RailRecipe Successfully Delivers Healthy Food Across 500 Stations in 2022

India, 15 September 2022:Food technology startup Railroad recipe Emerging as a promising food delivery service in India and successfully achieving the milestone of partnering with 500 stations in 2022, Rail Recipe has partnered with several private delivery operators and partner restaurants to create a joyous journey by delivering homemade food to passengers on board.

RailRecipe is expanding to branch out with the goal of providing catering services to seated passengers at desired railway stations. RailRecipe has a relationship with the best FSSAI-certified restaurant in more than 500 stations. As the number of service stations increases, so does the responsibility. To meet this requirement, RailRecipe has set up a separate hygiene and quality control department, which operates day and night, checking restaurants and delivery staff. This startup has more than 2,000 electronic catering partners to serve food safely. Their association with Indian Railways is on a rolling contract basis, which means that regular job and operational checks are done directly by Indian Railways. This will ensure safe and timely delivery of meals with all records submitted to the department.

RailRecipe has a relationship with the best FSSAI-certified restaurant in more than 500 stations.

Highlighting the significant growth of the brand, Imran Khan, Director and Founder of RailRecipe said, “The idea starts with understanding how no train journeys are complete without food. While traveling, passengers usually take snacks with them, but what if they get home food from a restaurant? FSSAI certified by clicking a few buttons on their mobile phones.There has been a huge difference in people’s lifestyles after the pandemic and people’s growing awareness about healthy eating.Travelers are becoming more aware of food contamination issues and therefore they don’t trust every other common food delivery. Sometimes, this IRCTC Certified Electronic Catering Partner is highly regarded as it offers contactless food delivery and ensures healthy food. This has led to an increase in mobile app and website meal reservations and on-demand reservations.”

With the start of providing healthy and high-quality food with the FSSAI-certified link restaurant.Real Recipe Electronic Catering Company Registered under the Companies Act. It enables consumers to reserve their ordered food online via their website, using a mobile application, or simply by calling the service number using their PNR number.

Imran Khan added: “We are committed to serving healthy and wholesome food to consumers at their preferred station on time, which is why to obtain mandatory licenses from FSSAI for Digital Food Business Operators (FBOs) and deal only with FSSAI approved restaurants that adhere to all guidelines. Always make sure Make sure that your traveling companion receives healthy, fresh food at every stop.”

RailRecipe has seen huge traction in the number of meals recently ordered by train passengers. With more than 500 stations now, it plans to expand its services to about 150 more stations in the next quarter and the numbers are expected to double by the end of this year. RailRecipe started its journey on a trial basis from a single stop and seemed to be a sharp rise in its geographic expansion. To date, RailRecipe has served over 4 million customers with over 7 million delivery meals while retaining 40-45% of customers.

Sharing his thoughts on the brand’s mission, Imran Khan added: “Our goal is to serve delicious cuisine to make the journey comfortable for our customers. With constant additions and relationships with FSSAI-approved first-class restaurant partners, we are adding new dishes to the menu at a very reasonable price. The endless bond that We create with our customers is ethereal, and we want to create the strongest bond in the future too by serving healthy, wholesome and safe food.We believe in the ethic of “no promises, over delivers”.

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