Pro Emma Steiger's Grub Street Diet

Pro Emma Steiger’s Grub Street Diet

Emma Steiger, who has worked in a number of high-profile New York restaurants.
Illustration: Margalit Cutler

If you’ve ever spent time in New York restaurants, you’ve likely met Emma Steiger. After periods on the ground in CosmeNoMad, OlmstedAnd the Second place (and his companion, winner) Beside Maison yaki And the patty annSteiger is now responsible for guest relations at Place des Fetes And the sour It’s still a front-of-home job, technically, but it allows for some flexibility in scheduling, which is helpful because Steiger works too. At this point, which business is side business? Even Steiger—who might have an acting class on Monday, heads to rehearsal on Thursday, and serves brunch on Sundays—isn’t quite sure: “I have a hard time staying still.”

Thursday 1 September
I had gone dancing the night before at nightmaresand had to get up early for a manager meeting at Oxalis. You need to get something fast and on the go. I grabbed some granola, and I have this cold, coconut-flavored drink from Wegmans. I put that in a jar with some almond milk – I live in Brooklyn, what can I say? – It was all during the meeting. Granola was my emotional support.

I worked a bit, then went to meet my friend for a late lunch. He said he crave tacos, and someone I know who lives in Crown Heights told me Kimchi Grill. I had three tacos: Korean fried chicken, “Krispy Fish” taco, and short rib with agua fresca because I needed a little more hydration after all the dancing the night before. I didn’t drink, I was just having fun. At one point, someone came to me like, “Hey, I don’t know you—I just want to make sure you’re hydrated because you haven’t left the dance floor in three hours.”

I ran out of tacos across Prospect Park and finished work at home, anticipating a cold night of washing or writing. I made some brown basmati rice in my rice cooker with air-fried sweet potatoes and broccoli, peas, toasted pepitas, goat cheese, and a little Milo Chili Crisp. Dinner was supposed to be in the kitchen sink—just whatever I have in my fridge—but a few hours later, I got a call from my high school friend David, who’s in town from Los Angeles, said he was craving a burger, and he’d heard Red Hook Pub It was awesome. I said I’d meet him for a drink, but we ended up sharing oysters, a wedge salad and a burger. She also had a cold brew martini and a glass of orange wine from Bergerac.

Then we went to sunnyAnd I had mezcal negroni. We were already in the neighborhood, so why not?

Friday 2 September
Start your day strong with another morning of super crunchy old-fashioned cereal of hazelnuts, fruit granola, Wegmann’s and Coconut Cold Brew with almond milk. I proceeded to snack on granola, including crumbs, through a manager’s meeting at the Place des Fêtes.

The family meal went up at 3:30, and the team does a really great job of accommodating the sensitivity among the staff. There was spaghetti with black olives, cabbage salad with roasted sunflower seeds, sesame, broccoli, maitake mushrooms and chicken salad. The bar team always makes a drink too. On Friday, it was lemonade.

One of the servers, Toussaint, is awesome. He always checks in with everyone before serving. He made me a shot of espresso with a little oat milk, and that was great.

My friend is the chef at Maison Yaki, so I met him after the service, around 10:45. He really wanted ice cream, and we passed by Van Leeuwen, but I just nibbled on brown sugar dough ice cream. Okonomiyaki brought me broccoli from his restaurant for dinner after work.

And you hit a bowl of water. I might not come home, but I had been working the floor for six hours, and I was thirsty.

Saturday 3 September
Since I’m quite masochistic and don’t have a coffee grinder, I got up early to grind some salon pills for pouring; I then hopped into two consecutive Zoom rehearsals for my scene study class, so I quickly slapped some avocado on my rice crackers with some crushed pepper and pink salt. Fast but a bit boring.

On my way to work, I stopped at I love the coffee truck Sitting outside the farmers market at Grand Army Plaza and order something they call Mint Mochachino.

When I passed Maison Yaki, my friend handed me a bag with it North Fork Potato Chips with Salt and Vinegar. He ordered them for a family meal because he likes to spend a sandwich day with everyone. I didn’t eat lunch, so I almost ate the chips.

It was early in the day at Place des Fêtes because we were doing our apero hour. The family meal was cauliflower with basil and mushrooms, another crunchy cabbage salad that wasn’t as spicy as the day before. She had some chervil on it, which made the chef laugh. Oh, you’re using fancy garnishes for salad today. And Thai ground pork with white rice.

On my way home, it was another night Oh, I don’t need to eat anything. In fact, it is very common to have “dinner” at 3:30 and then not eat again. But then my friend and I saw it number 7 It reopened in Vanderbilt, and it was open late, so we were like, OK. Even when we ordered, we knew there was plenty of food. We had steak with clam butter and fried broccoli, you know, that’s what it’s famous for.

Sunday 4 September
I run a Sunday brunch at Oxalis, so my day started earlier than usual. I was in a hurry, so I didn’t have time to be fancy and manually grind the coffee beans. Instead, I went to empty street Standing in the Grand Army Plaza that’s like collaborating with King David Taco.

The kitchen is always a family meal for breakfast, which is much appreciated. This was a wax bean sofrito with a fried egg, and they always made a breakfast salad, which is really nice. We ate that around 10, then had a pre-service meeting at 10:30, and then started the service at 11.

Worked and then stuck out for dinner with the family. I really like it now because they consume a lot of ingredients that change with the season. We had Carolina golden rice with corn, cabbage, tomatoes and greens. There was also beef stew as well as a vegetarian option for anyone who doesn’t eat beef and mashed potatoes with cheese and garlic aioli. They also decided to make dessert, which was a flourless chocolate tart from breakfast and lunch and crème fraîche toasted rice. This was incredible.

Later that night I finished my leftover steak from #7 and added some sweet potatoes and broccoli that I had cooked last night. It’s so interesting to be surrounded by great chefs talking about all the delicious things they make at home, and I love, I made some broccoli and put it in rice. But if friends come, I like to cook for people and try to do everything in my power. My mother was a caterer and always wanted to try a lot of restaurants, so I definitely get some of that from her.

Monday 5 September
It was Labor Day, so of course I worked. I don’t think I’ve done that before Not I worked on Labor Day. Right at early rehearsal, so I made coffee with almond milk and some Cocojune yogurt with blueberries. Then on my morning flight.

I started feeling tired. It’s been a long week and I’ve been out a lot. I’ve worked a ton. I had rehearsals. I’ve been enjoying people who have been on Labor Day holiday. I was the manager at Place des Fêtes, so I went to Guevara For Iced Oats Matcha.

The family meal was Korean rice cakes – my favorite thing in the world – served with beef broth. There was a spinach, fennel, onion and eggplant salad with sesame and celery.

It was an early night – we didn’t have a very late crowd due to the holiday. If you look carefully at our restaurants, you will find bags of Haribo gummy bears. It’s our secret ingredient. When I left, I got a few handfuls as a bonus after a labour-packed day at work.

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