Peer mentors provide advice and support to new UTSA students |  UTSA today |  UTSA

Peer mentors provide advice and support to new UTSA students | UTSA today | UTSA

Ramos, a senior biomedical engineering student, knows that walking into a large lecture hall on the first day of class can be intimidating, especially compared to the smaller classroom environment in high school, but she encourages students to remember the importance of speaking out.

“Don’t be afraid to ask questions,” Ramos said. “You don’t need to be the smartest person in the room; everyone is here to learn and grow, just like you.”

She also recommends that new students find an organizational method that works for them, and set goals to stay motivated.

“Set a schedule for yourself and try to stick to it so you can form a routine,” she said. Organize yourself early in the semester with a planner or agenda and keep track of all your due dates. And read your entire syllabus! All the information you will need to know about the semester will be right there.”


A pioneer in cybersecurity, Brar advises new road-goers to get out of their comfort zone and engage in the myriad of campus activities available to students.

“One of the tips I wish I would have gotten into my freshman year, especially as a first-generation student, is getting on campus,” Brar said. “It can be intimidating to open up to new possibilities, but it helps you make lifelong friendships, improve your interpersonal skills, and make memories. Some of my favorite memories include football games and late-night study sessions at the JPL.”

Brar also discussed how the campus involvement helped his personal development.

“Being engaged on campus has been the best thing for my growth as a student and as an individual. For example, my communication skills have seen an amazing improvement.” “I was once afraid to speak up, but now I can communicate with anyone. This has allowed me to become an older teacher than my peers and help others through the same difficulties I experienced in my first year.”


King, a senior specialist in politics and law, advises first-year students to understand the difference between college expectations and high school expectations.

“I want to be honest with the students, so the first and most important advice is to be responsible. New students should understand that everything is their responsibility now,” King said. “Now that we have removed the boring part of the way, remember that we are all ignorant When we start college, so be yourself and explore your options academically. Do some research if you think you might want to switch majors, talk to your advisors and have an interview employment center. I used the center previously, and the consultant I met was very kind and helpful.”

King also recommends taking advantage of the many services available to help students in and out of the classroom.

“Take advantage of all of UTSA’s resources. We have student success coaches, tutoring, a Rick Center, team sports, a roost game room, classroom events like Best Fest and Día en la Sombrilla, and of course our student tickets to sporting events like soccer,” she said. “Build a community of friends and mentors that you can count on while you’re here, and it really can be the best time at UTSA.”

Bath, a junior kinesiologist and former peer educator, wants first-year students to know that whenever they need it, help is just around the corner. of teaching services and writing center For UTSA Wellbeing Services, the university has a variety of resources to support mental health, academic and personal, and more to ensure student success during their first year and beyond.

“Educate yourself with the resources available to you. Whether you ask a professor, a peer tutor, or an academic advisor, they all have the power to provide you with the resources you need to succeed.” “You may not need all of UTSA’s resources right away but when the time comes you will know exactly where to go. Get to know your professors! Go to their office hours and get to know them better. There is nothing your teachers want to see more than your success in their classes.”

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