Pamela Reif likes to include cardio elements in her strength-training routines and prefers

Pamela Reeve’s Popular YouTube Diet & Routine Plan

Pamela Reeve is a German model, social media influencer and YouTuber who loves fitness.

She is also a fitness fanatic whose body has inspired countless people to start their own fitness journey. Her toned body is the result of her routine that she adheres to religiously.

Let’s take a look at how Pamela Reeve keeps herself fit and healthy. let’s start.

Pamela Reeve’s Workout Routine

Pamela Reef’s workout program is all about exercises that require no exercise equipment. The best part is that you can do it just about anywhere. Even when you’re on vacation, Reif doesn’t skip workouts just because she’s away from the gym. She goes to the hotel gym or takes a long walk to get her core working and toning.

Pamela Reeve takes the intensity of her training sessions high so she can burn more calories in a shorter period, keeping her workouts short but very intense.

If you’re just starting out on your fitness journey, her training routine may tire you out quickly, but that’s only because it’s effective.

Reif loves to include cardio in her strength training routine. They are 30-second jump squats, 30-second squat jumps, 30-second planks with knee raises, and 30-second mountain climbers.

It helps maintain her heart rate during each set of exercises. It can be done multiple times in a row or combined with other exercises to create a high intensity interval training routine that targets her entire body.

Reif loves to work out her abs, as they are the primary muscles used in many of your body’s natural movements. When they are strong, you are more mobile and prevent injuries.

Here’s what you do: You do leg raises in circles for 30 seconds, reverse leg raises for 30 seconds, ‘cris-cross’ leg raises for 30 seconds, cross presses with leg raises for 30 seconds, and Russian twist for 30 seconds.

Pamela Reeve’s Diet

Pamela Reeve believes in eating the right diet and is committed to the idea of ​​sustainability for her body and the planet.

She tries to keep most of her diet plant-based. As a result, she has reduced her meat intake and now prepares mostly vegetarian meals on a weekly basis.

Pamela Reeve used to start her mornings with a bowl of muesli and a marble cake. Now, she prefers healthy breakfasts.

Her favorite dish is a blueberry chocolate bowl made with half an avocado, frozen zucchini, a small banana, and cocoa powder to taste. She tops the bowl with a generous handful of blueberries and a sprinkle of coconut for extra crunch and texture.

Reef’s lunches are always packed with protein to help her recover from her morning workouts. Fry sliced ​​zucchini, fresh spinach, cherry tomatoes and salmon in a skillet with a little oil. While the ingredients are cooking, you boil an egg that will be placed on top of the finished dish.

For dinner, she keeps something simple and hearty with vegetable soup. She uses tons of fresh produce like zucchini, broccoli florets, shredded kohlrabi, fennel, celery root, parsnips, and carrots.

For more flavor, add the passata tomatoes, quinoa, and water to the broth. While you can cook it in a regular saucepan, she prefers using a pressure cooker.


Overall, the Reif Fitness System looks realistic and somewhat flexible, which is a nice change from many other fitness systems.

It makes sense to start slowly, with a dedicated core exercise like crunches and planks, before adding more advanced exercises for the arms and legs over time. Make sure to listen to your body, too. If you need a break from any activity or want to change your diet in some way, do it.

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