"One should pay attention to the nutrients that their diet may be lacking," says the founder of Nveda.

“One should pay attention to the nutrients that their diet may be lacking,” says the founder of Nveda.

Health and diet have received more attention since the start of the pandemic, and that’s understandable. It is easier to stave off a variety of illnesses and recover more quickly with a stronger immune system and better health. While eating healthy fruits and vegetables is important, many people have also turned to supplements to meet their bodies’ nutritional needs. Let’s first get a better understanding of what nutritional supplements are in general before we proceed. Dietary supplements, in the words of the founder of Nveda, are ingredients that are added to the diet when one is unable to meet the requirements of the body. It often contains one or more nutritional ingredients that help meet the recommended daily nutritional requirements. Necessary supplements include vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats and carbohydrates. nvida is a market brand that breaks new ground by creating nutritional supplements with potent formulations carefully considered to support optimal health. In this exclusive interview, Nveda founder Sanjay Mitra shares his insights into the industry:

  1. What is your epiphany moment to start this project?

Throughout the projected time scale, increasing consumer awareness of their health and well-being is likely to be a major market driver for nutritional supplements. In addition, a large number of clinical studies have been conducted recently to prove the benefits of many natural ingredients for our overall health. Due to busy schedules and evolving lifestyles, working populations all over the world struggle to consume adequate daily nutrients. Our brainchild, Nveda is one of the market brands that has broken new ground by creating nutritional supplements with powerful, carefully researched formulations to support optimal health.

  1. In this age of fierce competition, how do you intend to offer something unique?

Honestly, everyone is aware of the fact that with each passing day, the nutritional supplement market is undergoing an expanding dynamic development. I think the reason behind this is an increase in the amount of research linking supplementation with better health. As a result, the number of things and the variety of jobs being advertised has increased exponentially. However, here comes what makes our Nveda brand different from others, our supplements contain ingredients derived from natural sources, making us trustworthy and excellent in quality. But to claim this high quality of our products, our team of manufacturers consider a number of factors, including the complexity and identity of the product ingredients as well as their effectiveness and quality control. These core features have paid off in a positive way and NivedIt has now transformed into one of the fastest growing food brands in India.

  1. Give us a little summary of your products and where we can place an order.

The nearly 25,000 reviews that Nveda products currently have on e-commerce sites like Amazon and Flipkart show how much they like it. Nveda already serves 18,000 customers per month, and the brand is rapidly growing to become the preferred choice for people across the country. The nvida The brand is known for offering premium health and nutritional supplements that help treat or manage a range of lifestyle disorders using natural ingredients and herbs. The company has developed Ayurvedic products and nutrients with scientific support to treat a range of lifestyle ailments, including arthritis, high blood pressure, diabetes, difficulty sleeping, joint pain, immune system problems, bone pain, etc.

  1. In your opinion, what is driving the Indian supplement market?

The growing health awareness of consumers is a major component driving the Indian market for nutritional supplements. Many lifestyle disorders, including diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, cardiovascular problems, etc., are becoming more common as a result of factors such as dietary changes, lack of exercise, and increased sedentary lifestyles. In addition, the increased awareness of nutritional needs has led to increased consumer awareness. Consumers are now aware of the necessity of nutritional supplements to fill the nutritional gaps left by their regular diets unable to meet their nutritional needs. Other variables affecting the industry include increased disposable income, improved distribution systems and prices offered through direct consumer offerings.

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