Nostalgia with Divya Seth Shah, “I was always dieting and starving myself to get thin”

Nostalgia with Divya Seth Shah, “I was always dieting and starving myself to get thin”

Arjun tells us that Mahika and Meera are in love with Arik. “The three of them have such a wonderful relationship. It’s always Mahu didi and Myru didi for Arik, nonstop!”

Does this give Arjun a sense of comfort?

“I don’t feel comfortable,” says Arjun, choosing his words carefully. “I feel lucky that something like that could happen. At first, it’s a bit embarrassing. You never thought you’d be in a situation like this, so you don’t know how you’re going to handle it. But, as Gabriella said, you know what a good upbringing is.” Really. Love means unconditional understanding, and my daughters showed it to me. And I’m glad Mehr allowed this to happen.”

Wearing a silver skirt on her first visit to Mumbai
Gabriella says, “It wasn’t love at first sight. We don’t have a really crazy romance. Our friendship is just a very organic kind of friendship”; outfit by dime. Charms by Peayrl (Sasha Jerram)

Given that Arjun had such an insight into the fashion industry, we ask how much help he is. “Arjun has a great eye, and he’s caring without being arrogant,” Gabriella says. “He will give me great feedback when I need it, and I won’t say anything when I don’t need to hear it.”

Is it a challenge or an advantage to be partnering with a famous guy like Arjun? “I don’t think it is,” Gabriella says. “My brand was eight years old when Arjun and I got together. Of course, some of his fans might have started following my business because of him. But no one told me we buy your clothes because we are fans of Arjun Rampal!”

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From HT Brunch, Sep 17, 2022

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Who were your main influences then?

My mother is actress Sushma Seth and Nani. The books I read, the movies I watched, my friends, my colleagues in the theater, and the directors also shaped my thoughts.

Before the release of Rough Crossing at Kamani Theater in Delhi

What is your equation with your family?

I was always close to my family. We lived together, even though my brother Kavi and bhabhi Geetika moved to Kolkata. I shared a room with my sister Priya.

What was your romantic state?

I put my heart on my sleeve!

Posing while eating a quick snack during her first trip to the US

How do you feel about fashion then?

Not bad but it wasn’t great either! Janpath and Sarojini Nagar ruled my wardrobe.

Are you fit?

I was always on a diet. I starved myself to be thin; My crutches were coffee and yoga.

Dancing at a dinner party as part of her brother Kaffee’s wedding celebrations

The most valuable thing you own?

Love and my dog, Tippi.

Your favorite sport?

I wasn’t very athletic, but I enjoyed swimming.

Heading to eat parathas from a roadside dhaba in Moulchand after a performance of a play also featured in SRK

Who were the actors who were ruling Bollywood at that time?

Always and forever Mr. Amitabh Bachchan.

Any incident from that time engraved in your mind?

being part of the record hum And his explosive popularity changed lives.

With Sister Priya, Brother Kafi, Mother (and Actress) Sushma Seth and Father Dhruv Seth, at her brother’s wedding

Fault you who bothered you then?

I take it all personally! Even if that wasn’t the other person’s intention.

The only thing I did was immature?

I reacted very emotionally to what was someone’s professional move. I haven’t spoken to the person for years!

From HT Brunch, Sep 17, 2022

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