Migraine Diet Adjustments: What Really Works?

Migraine Diet Adjustments: What Really Works?

For many people who suffer from migraines, figuring out whether certain foods play a role in migraine attacks can be a frustrating task.

“There are a lot of nutritional triggers out there,” he says. Mark W. Green, MDD., president of the World Headache Society and Professor of Neurology, Anesthesia, and Rehabilitation Medicine at Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York City. To make things more complicated, says Dr. Green, “one day they may cause a headache, and another day they may not.”

Dietary modifications for migraines generally fall into two categories — cutting out foods that play a role in triggering a headache, and making broad changes to the way you eat in an effort to reduce the frequency or severity of headaches. Unfortunately, neither approach guarantees it will work with any particular person.

Diet is only one area of ​​potential migraine triggers. “In most people, diet isn’t that important,” says Green. “But you have to be careful the times when other triggers come into play, like bad times.”

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