Meals-to-Go brings healthy meals to busy Casperites

Meals-to-Go brings healthy meals to busy Casperites

It’s hard to eat well on a tight schedule, said Carla Kiss, a registered dietitian at Casper.

“I see people leaning toward very processed and convenience foods because they’re so busy,” she said from her office. Staff could be heard talking while chopping vegetables in the kitchen.

We’ve created ready-to-eat meals to give Casper residents a practical alternative. The business provides ready meals for pickup or delivery. They’re healthier – and often cheaper – than traditional comfort meals, Kiss said.

Maija Hovelsrud assembles takeaway meals, which are healthy, affordable, freezable meals. Customers can order up to eight Meals-to-Go meals at one time.

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The case relies on her background as a dietitian to ensure that her recipes are balanced. She said just about everything has vegetables, whole grains, and a little bit of salt and fat.

Meals-to-Go is a service offered by Kitchen Social, which Case was founded in 2019. Originally, Kitchen Social taught group cooking classes focused on healthy, affordable meals. She said her sack was filled with “ready-made meals.” The business receives dozens of orders every day.

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Case started working after a student in one of her cooking classes contracted COVID-19. The case offered to offer the student a meal, and he gave inspiration.

“I thought, ‘This could be something,'” Case said.

Initially, Kitchen Social’s base of operations was in Wolcott Galleria. Just a few weeks ago, the team moved into a new space – a home-turned-kitchen at the intersection of Beverly and First Streets.

Business attracts all kinds – from busy parents to young professionals and older couples.

The list changes every month, and can be viewed at His October specials include pumpkin chili, sweet potato taco bowls, no-crust chicken pot pie, and breakfast burrito. (More recipes will be added as the month goes on, according to the website.)

The business also makes homemade dog food. It’s made with rice, ground chicken, spinach, carrots, peas, and zucchini, and is currently $2.75 per cup.

Meals-to-Go does nearly all the work of putting meals together—most of them just need to be baked, microwaved, or slow-cooked. Depending on the meal, most keep in the freezer for about six months, Kiss said. Cooking instructions are included.

People can order up to eight meals at a time. There are several different sizes to choose from: small orders tend to serve three people, and large orders tend to serve between four and six people.

A small order of Meals-to-Go’s Slow Cooker Minestrone Soup, for example, is $11.79 or about $3.93 per serving.

Kiss said she works hard to keep her prices cheap. With inflation rising to food costs – and contributing to shortages – she said, she should be smart about sourcing.

“I’m in the stores a bit,” she said.

Try to shop locally when you can. On a Monday morning, Case goes to Frank’s Butcher Shop for $3.25 a pound of ground beef (the best deal in town, she says).

Takeaway is open on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. Meal pick-up and delivery is available from 11am to 3:45pm

Applications can be made online, by phone at 307-258-5451, or by emailing

All requests must be submitted by 11 AM the day before.

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