Mayo Clinic Diet Launches Interactive Wellness Tool "The Diet Score"

Mayo Clinic Diet Launches Interactive Wellness Tool “The Diet Score”

Free diet points will help Americans understand how diet affects health in conjunction with the White House’s National Strategy to Reduce Diet-Related Diseases by 2030.

Rochester, Minnesota.And the September 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The Mayo Clinic Diet today launched “The Diet Score,” a scientific survey that gives consumers insights into their current dietary behaviors to help them improve their lifestyles. “The Diet Score” is the latest innovation from The New Diet From Mayo Clinic. It allows consumers to compare their current diet and exercise patterns with those established by the Mayo Clinic Food Group System.

The tool’s launch comes on the heels of the White House’s announcement earlier this week of a new national strategy to reduce diet-related diseases by 2030.

“Diet score provides participants with a baseline for determining their placement on the science-based healthy diet scale,” he explains. Donald DMD, medical editor of the Mayo Clinic Diet. “There is no right or wrong outcome; rather, the goal is to provide an interactive tool that identifies several easy-to-adopt dietary and lifestyle modifications that will help them improve that outcome, no matter what it is.”

Diet Score is free and easy to use for anyone. The survey takes about three to five minutes to complete and asks participants a series of simple questions about the foods they eat each day. It then compares an individual’s daily food intake with a plan based on the Mayo Clinic Diet’s food group model and calculates participants’ scores from 1 to 100. Participants receive suggestions on how to improve their overall score through simple dietary changes.

“A lot of people get anxious because they feel that their grades are lower than expected,” Dr. Hensrud noted. “The good news is that the diet tool includes easy-to-make adjustments, and the Mayo Clinic Diet itself can help them improve their results in as little as two weeks.”

The New Mayo Clinic Diet is the official diet program developed by Mayo Clinic. It reflects the latest developments in diet research and provides new tools to make its simple steps even easier to follow. Members can choose from flexible meal plans that include vegan, Mediterranean, high protein and a new healthy program. The program, built on an all-new digital platform from Digital Wellness, contains tools and tracking devices to help members lose three times more weight. The program also includes a Habit Optimizer and a private Facebook group where members can connect and support each other. It can also be used in conjunction with other resources such as the “Cook Smart Eat Well” cookbook from the Mayo Clinic Press.

The diet is based on the number 1 The New York Times The bestselling book series and online program that is consistently ranked “Best Diet” in US News & World Report.

To take a free Mayo Clinic Diet Score test, visit:

To learn more about the new Mayo Clinic Diet, and to enroll in the program, visit:

About the new Mayo Clinic Diet

The The New Diet From Mayo Clinic It is the only weight loss program to feature a comprehensive, complete health menu program developed and approved by the Mayo Clinic. It features flexible meal plans to fit any lifestyle and easy-to-prepare recipes. The new Mayo Clinic Diet is designed to help participants make lasting and meaningful changes in their behavior so they can live healthier lives.

About digital wellness

For more than 15 years, certified healthcare professionals have been digital wellness It has delivered exceptional results for both consumers and businesses, making Digital Wellness one of the world’s most popular, respected and empowering health platforms.

founded by Scott BenThanks to partnerships with Mayo Clinic and other quality organizations, Digital Wellness has a rich history of investing in health and wellness research and innovation.

In addition to supporting the new Mayo Clinic Diet, Digital Wellness is working with pharmaceutical companies, corporations, and the government to provide chronic disease management programs.

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Mayo Clinic is a nonprofit organization committed to innovation in clinical practice, education and research, and to providing empathy, experience, and answers to everyone who needs healing. visit Mayo Clinic News Network For more Mayo Clinic news.

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