"Leveraging the power of artificial intelligence, we can achieve more sustainable edible oils"

“Leveraging the power of artificial intelligence, we can achieve more sustainable edible oils”

Seattle-based Arzeda designs new proteins “never seen before in nature.”

A food technology innovator platform is able to improve proteins – the building blocks that perform the vast majority of functions within living organisms – by combining high-throughput screening for computational protein design. Its proprietary technology is based on models from protein biophysics and metabolic biochemistry coupled with large-scale computing and the company claims to have achieved ‘a radical change over what is possible with conventional protein engineering’.

“Arzeda uses a combination of deep learning and physics-based approaches to engineer enzymes with unparalleled precision,”Founder and CEO Dr. Alexander Zangelini told FoodNavigator. “We are unable to disclose datasets for training our machine learning algorithms. However, we use datasets that are generated in-house (including live screening results for each enzyme design campaign), as well as those available in the public domain.”

The company has just entered into a joint development agreement with AAK, a specialist in fats and oils, headquartered in Malmö. Working collaboratively with partners such as AAK, Arzeda claims it can create solutions that can deliver “performance and efficiency benefits”.

The agreement aims to accelerate the innovation of vegetable oils through the application of new enzymes. The collaboration will use Arzeda’s protein improvement technology platform to further enhance the sustainability profile of AAK’s edible vegetable oils while revealing efficiencies in production. The companies said the goal is to address the continuing and growing demand for healthy, tasty and sustainable foods.

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