Karwa Chauth: Foods to include and avoid in sargi thali for healthy fasting |  health

Karwa Chauth: Foods to include and avoid in sargi thali for healthy fasting | health

Karwa Shuth 2022: Karwa Chauth, the one-day festival to celebrate the relationship between husband and wife, is only a day away. Also referred to as Karak Chaturthi in Sanskrit scriptures, the festival is celebrated on the fourth day of the Hindu lunar month of Kartik. In Karwa Chauth, located roughly halfway between the Dussehra and Diwali festival, married women observe a “nirjala” fast throughout the day (without food and water) and pray for a long life for their husbands from sunrise to moonrise. To end their fast when the moon rises, the women present an ‘ark’ to the moon from the karwa (a clay pot) and then see the face of their husbands through a sieve and after that they drink water and eat food. Before the start of the fast, a pre-dawn meal called sargi, which contains seven or nothing or eleven kinds of bite-sized foods including sweets, appetizers, vegetable curries, fruits, rice and roti, is prepared lovingly by her mother-in-law for her Foyer and served in the thali. The ritual is to ensure that the fasting people are taking in adequate nutrition and hydrating foods which helps them maintain their Karwa Chauth speed in a healthy manner. (Also read: Karwa Chauth Date 2022: Is Karwa Chauth on October 13 or 14? Know all about upavasa time, puja muhurat, moonrise)

Fasting without food and water can be difficult, and the food served in sarji thali will help the woman to enjoy fasting easily, without causing any health concerns like acidity or headaches.

The mother-in-law who makes the thali will do her best because she is not only a serge, she is also an affection

Here are some tips for adding healthy foods to sarje ki thali and avoiding foods that may leave you with less energy.

1. Probiotic Drink: If fasting is not done on a regular basis, the day’s fasts can cause gut issues such as bloating and hyperacidity. To avoid this, it is better to worry about including a probiotic in the diet. The simplest way to do this is to add a glass of yogurt in a Sarjee Thali. To prevent bloating, add black salt, cumin powder, and asafoetida to the curd. This ensures a balanced gut without bloating or acidity.

2. Keep your sargi thali balanced: Consider sarjee thali as a healthy, balanced dish that is usually eaten on a typical day. This means including a portion of the salad, one or two katori of Sabji – this can be two different types of Sabjis to add variety, a bowl of dal or lentil for protein and carbs include Rotis and rice, and of course a cup of curd. Don’t forget to add ghee to the dals or rice. Sabji can contain moderate oil and spices. This will ensure that the food is well balanced and gives you the nutrition for the day without any minor health concerns.

3. Include hydrating foods in your thali: The key to successful day fasting is to keep the body hydrated. If the fluids in the thali are less, it is bound to dehydrate the day. If foods are too greasy or sweet, they will cause dehydration. So instead of eating high-fiber fruits, try to include foods that are high in water. For example, include watermelon, cantaloupe, or coconut water.

4. Avoid sweets that are high in sugar: In sargi thali, sweets made with milk are often served as kheer. Make sure it’s made without the use of table sugar but in moderation with other natural sugars such as khandasari, jaggery or honey. Foods rich in sugar tend to increase thirst. Since there is no water consumption in the day, these foods that are high in sugar are not a good idea.

Similarly, avoid making laddos using refined sugar, but use natural sugar like dates or instead of ladoos, simply serve mixed dry fruits like almonds, walnuts, dates, dry figs, etc. in the dish.

5. Avoid adding fried items: Oily foods also tend to make you feel like thirty in a day just like sugar. Traditionally, fried foods are served in Sarghi Thali, such as puris, papadam etc. However, this time try replacing the fried puris with paratha smeared with ghee and the papadum can be substituted for grilled steak. This will be more nourishment for the next day.

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