Is Justin Fields a vegetarian?  The Bears QB system is credited with making it 'lighter and faster everywhere'

Is Justin Fields a vegetarian? The Bears QB system is credited with making it ‘lighter and faster everywhere’

Justin Fields has had an uphill journey trying to achieve NFL success. Much of that is due to him not getting much help since he was drafted 11th overall by the Bears in 2021, and his new coach hasn’t used Fields’ athletic gifts to give him the best chance of success.

However, Fields has taken steps to reach the top. Notably, the Ohio alum has turned down meat for tofu and dairy milk for soy milk. Fields has been a vegetarian since 2020. He decided to take the plunge after participating in a 28-day vegan detox with his family while in coronavirus quarantine.

Fields isn’t the first athlete to replace burgers with alternatives to black beans. From the football world (USWNT star Alex Morgan) to the tennis court (23-time main champ Venus Williams) and elsewhere, athletes have become vegans over the years for an added advantage.

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Fields said, according to Interested in trade. “This change was very drastic for me after I did the challenge I did with my family and it was ultimately the reason why I chose to continue on a vegan diet.”

What does Justin Fields eat as a vegetarian?

Swapping meat for meatless options might seem like a daunting task, but according to Fields, that wasn’t much of a problem. In fact, he has his fair share of favorite plant foods.

“The veggie burgers are the most common to me in different restaurants,” Fields said. Business Insider in 2021. “Every now and then, I’ll have some chicken nuggets with falafel or vegetables.”

He’ll also put together hearty meals full of carbohydrate-rich foods, including rice, beans, oats, sweet potatoes, and a good old-fashioned protein shake.


Fields told Business Insider that his teammates are committed to Fields nutritional choices, and have even embraced some of the protein shakes he makes jointly with brand sponsor OWYN.

Fields still has a way to go before establishing himself as a long-term solution to the Bears quarterback problem, but he’s trying to go the extra mile with his diet restrictions.

“I don’t really feel like I’m missing the opportunity at all,” he said.

Athletes who became vegetarians

As mentioned, many athletes have given up their desire to eat meat. Here are a few:

Lewis Hamilton

As one of the best Formula 1 drivers in the world, Hamilton has a phenomenal voice. This makes him speak out against perceived injustice. Hamilton has been particularly vocal against the treatment animals receive while in captivity.

For Hamilton, it was an easy choice to forgo meat given the environmental impacts that animals such as cows can have on the production of carbon-emitting gases such as methane.

Alex Morgan

Morgan is one of the greatest soccer players in United States history. She credits her vegan diet with helping her maintain her performance on the field while also motivating her to speak out against animal cruelty.

Venus Williams

Williams is one of the greatest tennis players of all time, but credits her switching to a vegan diet to help her play at the highest level even after turning 40.

“I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, and I wanted to maintain my performance on the court,” Williams said. from the inside. “Once I started, I fell in love with the concept of fueling your body in the best possible way [through raw, vegan food].

“Not only does it help me on the court, but I feel like I’m doing the right thing for me.”

Nate Diaz

The former UFC fighter says not eating meat makes him feel smarter in and out of the octagon.

“I think you are a smarter and smarter fighter [when you go vegan]. My brother (Nick Diaz) and I have been on top of the game for a long time. Obviously we are doing something right. Besides knowing how to kick someone in the head, you should know how to feel good tomorrow.” from the inside.

Colin Kaepernick

Kaepernick also chose a plant-based diet, although it’s unclear why that decision was made.

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