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Introducing a new column on mental health by a mental health reporter

Sober October. Vegetarian on Monday. Tuesday gratitude. Vigil Wednesday. Thirty days without sugar. There are so many challenges to self-love and a seemingly infinite number of self-improvement methods that we sometimes forget peel off To be a recipe for failure.

Whether you’re halfway to eating a delicious, buttery bun from your favorite bakery before remembering that it’s Vegan Monday or you’ve “accidentally” indulged in happy hour during October, borders often make us hungrier for the very thing we vowed against.

I know little about this thing. I used to do every cleaning out there in the name of reset and healthy glow.

A five-day juice cleanse in my twenties resulted in little more than a severe, compound-eating headache. The grad school major cleanse gave me the fainting experience of my hair workshop and a self-imposed moratorium on all things lemon-flavored. And to keep up with my 30-day hot yoga challenge, I miss birthday celebrations and coffee dates with new and old friends, all in the name of fitness.

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