Insider secrets from grocery store workers and fast food employees

Insider secrets from grocery store workers and fast food employees

Chances are, you ate out at a restaurant, placed a takeaway order, or had a meal from a fast food restaurant. But have you ever wondered what is happening in the restaurant industry and the services you do no See as a customer? I’ve collected a bunch of responses from restaurant and grocery store employees, chefs, servers, hostesses, and more on the subreddit. p/ askreddit And from BuzzFeed Community. Here are the industry secrets that have been leaked.


“I work as a host in a restaurant. If you are dumb to me either over the phone or in person, the server will be warned about you. We also have a warning sign if a reservation is made with a slightly troubling request (for example, the guy who insisted on a female server because they ‘care about it’). More”). Managers are notified of major issues as well. In short: Be nice to the hosts. We are the ones who can get you that nice table by the window or you can squeeze in when things are full. We go above and beyond if you’re kind to us.”


“I am an employee at Olive Garden. Anything that is labeled as ‘endless’ is really endless so some people are preparing themselves until they literally get sick. All the staff hated the never-ending promotion of a bowl of noodles because people could literally vomit at the table And keep eating.”


“The only thing that’s fresh and ‘healthy’ – aka unprepared, packaged and/or frozen – in almost all fast food places is tomatoes.”


“Ex-fast food employee here. Don’t trust ice machines. In my experience, they are rarely (read: almost never) cleaned. Maybe they have bugs, dirt, food particles, or something else. In two previous jobs in the restaurant There was only one ice machine, and I felt bad because the clients were getting too much ice. I mentioned it to the managers, but they removed it as if they didn’t have time to deal with it.”


“In my chain of supermarkets, I notice customers picking food from hot and cold buffets with their bare fingers all the time.”


“I work at Five Guys, and our burgers cost what they do (on the pricey side) so we can provide customers with unlimited toppings made with fresh ingredients. We also open every shop at 7 a.m. to hand-press every patty, chop every tomato, and prepare every A piece of lettuce, cut every fry. It’s a lot of work and exhausting – so please be kind to the local Five Guys team members and managers. We do so much more than other fast food chains.”


“When I was a fry cook, some customers thought they were convenient and would order unsalted potatoes to make sure they got fresh meals. We chefs would put the already salted potatoes back in the pan to wash off the salt.”


“The Candy Store employee is here. We’ve left the chocolates in display boxes for months on end. When my friends came to the store, I told them to avoid it at all costs.”


“I worked in a restaurant. A smoker outside of the restaurant doesn’t mean your roast is fresh. Most of it is already frozen. Sometimes we just toss the bits of wood so it looks and smells like we’re roasting. But we made that trifle a couple of days ago, and that’s just wood that smells.”


“As a former pizzeria cashier, starting with an existing item and making lots of substitutions is the easiest way to irritate every employee. This kind of order spoils our inventory because it goes to ‘special instructions’ instead of the main ticket, which includes the toppings weights.”


“I worked at Subway and the promise of ‘fresh bread every day’ is a wordplay. The bread comes in frozen dough sticks that we thaw.”


“If you’re someone who buys a lot of nuts, grains etc – just know that these bins are rarely cleaned, and even when they are ‘cleaned’ they have probably been rinsed/wiped to look clean. Whenever I took over, I didn’t have a department Our bulks have records of cleaning or performing a sterilization. The bins had moths/insect colonies and mould. Our store opened nearly five years ago.”


“Cooked burgers that aren’t sold go in a pot in the fridge, and they’re made into tomoro chili. Crispy chicken that isn’t sold today? Goes in a pot in the fridge and made into tomorrow’s dishes. Crispy chicken salads.”


“Often the cheapest bottle of wine in a restaurant has the highest markup.”


“Having worked in the grocery stores, I can tell you that everything is frozen. Even in the bakery department, when he says ‘made fresh daily’—it’s usually from frozen and baked goods. Old items are usually on top and fresh stuff in again, And always check the expiration date, especially if you’re shopping in the morning, most stores remove expired items every morning, but things often get missed.


“Kirkland products (the Costco brand) are independently tested to beat the industry-leading product in this category, whether razors or wash bags. If they don’t beat the industry leader, they won’t put the Kirkland name on them.”


“There’s a rule about how long something can sit under heat lamps, but no one follows it. If you don’t order during lunch or dinner, then assume all you get is sitting outside for hours.”


“In any fast food delivery session, the speaker box hears everything from when you stop until after you leave. If you talk nonsense about us, we hear it. If you argue with other passengers or on the phone, we hear it too.”


“Please don’t ask your server what an item or what meal to order. It puts us in a really embarrassing situation because 9/10 times, you’ll blame us if you don’t like your meal. I swear the customers do it on purpose, so they have an excuse to force us.” On getting tip or claiming everyone’s meal because “the waitress told me I should order this and I didn’t like it”. Also, we don’t know what your personal preferences are. No two people have the same palate.


“The health inspection of a restaurant is a bit of an illusion, in my opinion. Health inspectors tend to inspect all restaurants in a given area at about the same time. When an inspector shows up at a restaurant, the manager usually notifies the other restaurants in the area. We were inviting more people to do Deep cleaning everything. It doesn’t matter that most of the year, every time we get the water under the fryer or food preparation lines, we drown hundreds of cockroaches. When the health inspector showed up, everything was clean, so we still had 100% on our health check.” .


“I used to work at Panera, and this shocks people because other than meat, vegetables, and salad dressings, everything comes frozen. Noodles, soup, bread dough, bread and pastries are all frozen. Noodles are frozen in the microwave, bread and pastries are thawed, baked, garnished, and soup is tossed in what It’s basically a hot water bath.”


“The Starbucks admin is here. There is no secret menu, and we are not trained to make these viral TikTok drinks. Some of the most popular drinks, like the Cotton Candy Frap, the coffee makers might know, but don’t count on them. If you want us to make something “Off the menu, you’ve got the recipe on hand. As a side note, many of these drinks are also based on seasonal ingredients, so you should have a spare option ready.”


I have worked in the service industry for a long time. You can probably bet that restaurant menus, ice machines, lemonades and limes for drinks, and slushies are dirty.”


“I work at Wawa. Good news: If something is said to be fresh (finest, salads, coffee) it is very fresh. Bakery items and salad bar supplies come every day, and sandwich supplies are checked and replaced regularly. The bad news is that all that It’s poured (mac n cheese, mashed potatoes, meatballs, soup, etc.)


“If a restaurant has a one-page menu, that is usually a very good sign. This means that their line chefs have become specialists and can usually pin all the dishes listed. Conversely, if a restaurant has a giant multi-page menu, this is a massive red flag “.


“I worked at a fancy country club ($25,000 start-up fee, then $7,000 a year in the ’90s). A slice of ‘homemade’ cheesecake was $7 on the menu. And one of the sous chefs stopped by the grocery store every day on your way. To work to get a whole cheesecake for about $5.”


“I was a shift supervisor at a fast food restaurant, and years later, I still refused to eat anything with ice cream on it. The machine we had was always covered in mold and spoiled cream, while the owner ‘fixed’ a layer of mold and sprinkled some of the chlorox substance.

Do you work in restaurants or services? What is the inner secret that customers might not expect to hear?

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