IAMS™ ​​Dog FOOD partners with WHISTLE™ smart devices to enable pet parents to be experts in their dog's health

IAMS™ ​​Dog FOOD partners with WHISTLE™ smart devices to enable pet parents to be experts in their dog’s health

Pet parents can track their dog’s behavior with Whistle’s leading pet healthcare Intelligent devices to select a tailor-made IAMS dog food product that fits their individual health and nutritional needs

Franklin, Tin.And the October 11 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Pet parents will go to great lengths to keep their furry friends healthy. Thanks to the newly announced partnership between IAMS™ ​​dog food and Whistle™ smart devices, pet parents are empowered to be experts in their dog’s health, helping to keep their dogs looking their best with a whole new way of caring for our canine friends.

Brands partner to support pet health and wellness through science, nutrition, and technology. By utilizing the healthcare capabilities of industry-leading pet technology for Whistle™ smart devices, pet parents can determine their dogs’ nutritional needs with data-driven insights based on their behavior and select a personalized IAMS dog food to help keep their dog healthy.

“The partnership between IAMS Dog food and Whistle™ Health is a great example of combining leading-edge technology and customized nutrition to support the health of our pets,” Jean Paul JansenVice President of Marketing for March in North America. “We know pet parents want the best for their dogs, and we’re making it easy for them to track their dogs’ habits using the Whistle™ smart device to help select the best IAMS nutritional solutions to support their dogs’ holistic health.”

Whistle™ Health tracks key health metrics such as a dog’s activity levels, eating and drinking times, and scratching and licking habits, which gives dog parents insights to spot potential health issues, monitor and manage chronic health conditions, and make data-driven decisions about how best to care for their pets, including So how to choose an IAMS product best suited to their nutritional needs. For example, if your Whistle™ smart device determines that your dog may not be physically active or overeat, you can select IAMS healthy weight Diet to support a healthy metabolism and help them reach a healthy weight.

“Whistle™ Health is the first product of its kind to help pet parents understand their dogs’ behaviors and needs based on data,” he said. Kate Ballingett, Managing Director of Whistle™ Corporation. Whistle’s groundbreaking AI is built by combining an unprecedented amount of time series data with clinical insights, to create an entirely new way of understanding your dog’s health every day. By pairing our technology with IAMS brand nutritional solutions, we’re able to create an experience Best for parents who want to provide personalized care for their dogs.”

For more information about the partnership and finding the right products for your dog, please visit iams.com/iams-and-whistle.

About IAMS Brand

The IAMS™ ​​brand is dedicated to helping dogs and cats live happy, healthy lives and believes that high quality nutrition really makes a difference. IAMS creates pet-specific nutritional solutions designed for every life stage, pet size and health needs. By monitoring dog and cat behavior, along with research and diet findings, the IAMS brand believes the right diet can help pets boost immunity, burn fat, maintain muscle, and promote healthy digestion. IAMS products are made with the highest quality ingredients and unique patented recipes that give your pet the best nutrition possible. When you choose IAMS dog or cat food, you are choosing high-quality food that will help you see the clear differences in your furry friend. For more information visit IAMS.com.

About Mars Petcare

in March Pitcare We have one goal: a better world for pets™. Through comprehensive veterinary care, nutrition, diagnostic breakthrough programs, wearable health monitoring, DNA testing, and pet care, we help pets in more than 130 countries. For decades, we have supported research into the amazing science of human-animal interaction in Waltham Petcare Institute of Science As scientists discover important advances in pet health and wellness. Mars Petcare is part of Mars, Incorporateda global, family-owned company with a focus on becoming sustainable in a generation. Follow us Instagram And the LinkedIn.

About Mars, Incorporated

for more than a century, Mars, Incorporated He was motivated by the belief that the world we want tomorrow begins with how we do business today. This idea is central to what we have always been as a global family owned business. Today, Mars is transforming, innovating, and evolving in ways that underscore our commitment to making a positive impact on the world around us.

Across our diverse and expanding portfolio of confectionery, food and pet care products and services, we employ more than 130,000 dedicated partners who all move in the same direction: forward. We produce some of the best brands in the world including DOVE®extra®M&M’s®Milky Way®Snickers®Twix®revolves in orbit®PEDIGREE®And the royal canin®SKITTLES®BEN’S ORIGINAL™, WHISKAS®Cocovia® and 5™; and looking after half of the world’s pets with our nutrition, health and service businesses, including AniCura, Banfield Pet Hospitals™ and BluePearland Linnaeus and VCA™.

about kinship

Kinship is here to help every pet parent like a pro. why? Because our pets make us better humans, and we owe them the best care possible. As the premier partner of a new generation of pet parents, we use our data, products, and services to help people be better pet parents. We unite pet care change makers to break down barriers, open new doors, share ideas, and advance our collective knowledge. All so that we can reimagine the experience of raising pets, increase people’s trust, and help the world find better ways to care.

Kinship is an alliance that includes whistle™, the award-winning leader in pet health smart monitors, wisdom board™, the world’s most accurate pet DNA test, brutal™, a one stop destination that helps people get it for their animals, Pet Insight Projecta leader in interpreting health data to improve the lives of pets, GoodFriend by Kinship™, a platform that connects pet parents and caregivers, and Adopt-a-Pet.com™, a site that helps share homeless pets with millions of adopters.

Our brands, teams and partners work together to set new standards in pet care.

Kinship is a division of Mars Petcare. Learn more through www.kinship.co.


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