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How to use EmptyMyFridge to plan healthy meals and reduce food waste

Have you ever bought some groceries with the intention of using them, only to have them sit in your fridge until they spoil? If so, you are not alone. Food waste is a huge problem, and food is often wasted because you don’t remember having it.

With ready meals and frozen meals as easy options to transition after a long day of work, it’s easy to overlook the freshest foods in the fridge. Fortunately, there is an app that can help you use up your purchases before they go bad: EmptyMyFridge.

What does EmptyMyFridge do?

Simply, a file Empty My Fridge The app reduces food waste by monitoring the contents of your refrigerator. This ensures that no food is pushed to the back of the refrigerator and forgotten, but is discarded when it is finally discovered.

It was originally released for Android and iOS in 2021. Created by Felix Lambert and Jinri Kim, EmptyMyFridge app has received many updates since its initial release. Based on app reviews, it’s clear that Lambert and Kim are dedicated to answering customer concerns because they often add a feature soon after it’s requested in a review.

But how exactly does the app work? Can it really help you reduce food waste and Effective meal plan? Check out the best features of the app!

Download: EmptyMyFridge for Android | iOS (free)

1. Monitor the contents of your refrigerator

At first, setting up your fridge in the EmptyMyFridge app may take some time, but after that, it won’t take much to update your fridge.

On the main screen, there is a file Add On the bottom navigation bar you can tap to quickly add new food to your refrigerator. You can search for an item or use the app’s preset menus to add multiple items at once. These are the pre-made lists that you can search through:

  • vegetables
  • the fruit
  • Spices and seasonings
  • Dairy products and alternatives
  • bread and cereal
  • Paste and sauces
  • nuts
  • oils
  • legumes
  • meat
  • Seafood
  • Sweets and snacks

There are pros and cons to each method of adding new foods. Currently, neither method allows you to customize the amount of the item you add. If you use the search bar, it’s easy to instantly sort each item into a file refrigeratorAnd the The storeAnd the freezeror keep lists. But manually searching for each item is time consuming.

On the other hand, if you use pre-made menus to add foods, it is very easy to add multiple ingredients one by one. However, you cannot choose where the food will be served at this point, so it is all sent to refrigerator. You can sort the foods later, but it would be nice to be able to sort as you add both ways (and customize the quantity too!).

Finally, there’s a barcode scanner built in with AI technology, so you can easily scan anything that’s been filled out. Most of the items will be found through the scanner, but sometimes they are entered into the app as unrecognizable food items to match the recipe.

For example, a can of generic black beans from Target can be scanned as “Good & Gather Low Sodium Black Beans,” rather than just “Black Beans.” When EmptyMyFridge tries to match recipes to your refrigerator’s current ingredients, it will be able to match “Black Beans”, but not a longer, more specific Target address.

For this reason, it may be best to enter foods and ingredients manually.

2. Find recipes based on your ingredients

Unlike many others meal planning appsEmptyMyFridge uses the ingredients you already have to find the perfect recipe to make. Simply navigating to the Recipes tab will automatically fill in the recipes that match the ingredients in your fridge, freezer, and pantry. On this screen, you can use the dropdown menu at the top to choose from no dietAnd the vegetarianor vegetarian.

If you know you want to use a specific ingredient in a recipe, you can use the filter button at the top right. You can select up to three key ingredients that should be in a recipe together and then search all of the custom results.

Meal planning can be a challenging task, especially because there are so many unique ways to do it. For some, planning and cooking meals all week long on Sunday works perfectly, and for others, it leads to food waste because you’re bored of eating the same thing. you might try Learn meal plan with SideChef or another application. However, with the EmptyMyFridge app, weekly meal planning is not necessary. At a glance, you can see what ingredients you have and use the in-app recipe links for inspiration when you need it.

3. Keep up with expiration dates

Forgetting is one of the most common causes of food waste. People don’t intentionally waste food; They do this by accident because they forgot the ingredient was in their fridge or they couldn’t think of a way to use it.

When you add a component to EmptyMyFridge, it usually has an expiration date already set, depending on what the component is. For example, when adding a “banana”, the expiration date is set to five days from the current day. If you add “eggs”, the expiration date will be set to 21 days from the current day.

It’s easy to customize the expiration date for each food item if you don’t like the automatic date that is set. On the refrigerator In the app, select the item you want to modify and hold down its icon until you see a file food details popup screen. On this screen, you can change the ingredient quantity, the expiration date, if it’s been opened or not, and whether you want it in the fridge, freezer, or pantry.

When an ingredient has only five days left to expiration, you’ll see a green bar on that ingredient’s icon that reads “5 days left.” If a food has one to three days before its expiration date, this alert bar will turn orange. When you reach the expiration date, the bar turns red.

One of the worst parts of meal planning is determining which recipe ingredients you have and which ones you need to buy. Finding a recipe to cook with is really tedious, but then you have to spend some time researching the list of ingredients and comparing them to the refrigerator and pantry. And sometimes, you still manage to miss some items!

With the EmptyMyFridge app, you will find personalized recipes for the ingredients currently in your home and you can easily see which ingredients are missing from the recipe. Then, with a simple click, you can add all or some of the missing ingredients to the shopping list in the app.

You’ll be a meal planning pro in no time

Sure there are some people who enjoy planning meals, but most people probably don’t. When you already have a job, schoolwork, or anything else that takes up your time, spending time deciding what to do for breakfast, lunch, and dinner each week is a big problem. But with EmptyMyFridge – and other useful meal planning tools – meal planning just got a whole lot easier.

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