How snacks can boost gut health

How snacks can boost gut health

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Researchers say almonds can boost their short-chain butyrate fatty acids, which are important for gut health. Ferro/Stoxy
  • Experts say gut health is an essential component of a person’s overall health.
  • In a new study, researchers said that snacking on almonds can boost gut health by increasing production of an important short-chain fatty acid.
  • Experts say almonds are a good source of fiber as well as a way to curb your appetite.

Eating a handful of almonds daily may significantly improve your gut health.

according to New study Funded by the Almond Board of California and published in American Journal of Clinical NutritionWhen we digest almonds, it increases the production of short-chain fatty acids known as butyrate.

butyrate Provides fuel to the cells of the colon’s lining. This promotes gut health.

Kevin WhelanIn addition to nourishing cells in the colon, butyrate also regulates the absorption of other nutrients in the gut and helps balance the immune system, Ph.

“These findings suggest that almond consumption may benefit bacterial metabolism in a way that has the potential to affect human health,” he said.

The researchers looked at the benefits of eating almonds over a 4-week period in 87 people between the ages of 18 and 45 who were already eating less than the recommended daily amount of fiber and who ate undernutrition snacks like chips or cookies about twice. day.

The researchers divided study participants into three snack groups:

  • Group 1: Whole almonds, 56 grams per day (about 2 ounces per day)
  • Group 2: Ground almonds: 56 grams per day
  • Control group: donuts (2 pancakes a day)

Researchers report that eating almonds in any form improves gut health due to an increase in important nutrients compared to a control group.

Improvements were found in monounsaturated fatty acid, fiber, and potassium levels.

They note that almonds are also a good source of niacin, or B vitamins, folic acid, magnesium, zinc and copper.

Nutritionists who spoke with Healthline agreed that eating almonds is a smart choice for improving gut health due to the fiber.

Dr. Amy SabolaPharmD, a certified health coach with a bachelor’s degree in nutrition and director of Farmacy at The Chef’s Garden, explained that it’s the prebiotic fibers in almonds that kick-start the process of increasing butterfat and similar molecules that are nourishing to the gut.

“When microbes digest prebiotic fibers, they produce beneficial compounds called short-chain fatty acids (such as butyrate), which help provide energy for the cells lining the large intestine and support immune health,” she told Healthline.

Colette HeimwitzMA, author The New Atkins: For a New Cookbook and “Why You Should Eat More Almonds,” And vice president of nutritional communication and education at Atkins, he said the fiber content in almonds offers significant benefits to your health, “from controlling your appetite and regulating blood sugar to aiding digestion.”

“Fiber also helps you feel full for longer, which leads to less cravings,” she told Healthline.

She added that reducing food cravings may make it easier to avoid undernourished snacks and choose healthier options more often.

Quoting Hippocrates, says Sabula, “All disease begins in the gut and over the past 2,400 years, this statement remains true.”

Improving gut health is fundamental to a person’s overall well-being because without a properly functioning digestive system, you do not fully absorb nutrients. At this point, Sabola explains, you can eat nutritious food without reaping the full health benefits.

A well-functioning digestive system breaks down food into components that can be absorbed by the body. Then, you’ll use these ingredients to carry out many of the metabolic functions, including growth and repair that occur constantly, Sabula explained.

When digestion is suboptimal, it can affect every cell in the body, says Sabola, often resulting in:

  • ignition
  • Lack of essential nutrients
  • fatigue
  • brain fog
  • depression
  • worry

If you are interested in trying almonds for gut health, know that some effects you may feel immediately and others may take weeks to months.

“It really depends on how far an individual has traveled in the course of the disease,” Heimwitz said.

Sapola agrees, saying that the time needed to see results depends on the extent of health changes made.

Some people may experience more energy, better mood, and less gas and bloating, she said.

“Most individuals will feel benefits within the first few weeks,” Hemwitz added.

“Long-term effects, such as an improvement in blood pressure or cholesterol, can take weeks to months,” Sabola noted.

“Improvements in blood tests can take anywhere from 6 months to a year as long as you are consistent with your new healthy eating style,” Heimowitz says.

“Although lifestyle changes are not always the quickest, they are the most effective way to improve long-term health,” Sabola added.

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