How a man lost 40 pounds through meal prep and weight training

How a man lost 40 pounds through meal prep and weight training

On the cusp of turning thirty, Peter Doe felt dissatisfied with his body. He proceeded to get a lean and toned figure, losing 40 pounds in the process. Tell men’s health How did he do it:

I was on a family trip to Vietnam, waiting in line for a roller coaster. Just as my brother and I were prepared to enter the front carriage, a staff member told me I couldn’t ride – I was ‘too fat’. I was so angry, upset and embarrassed. It was humiliating. And it made me decide to change.

The decision has been coming for a while. I knew I was carrying too much weight; Physically I felt very large. I didn’t feel comfortable in my clothes. Sometimes I would lengthen my shirts just to be more flexible. Getting dressed was the biggest trick I played on myself to make myself feel younger on my mind. I was shy and unhappy with my appearance; I didn’t want to take off the shirt on the beach, even surrounded by my friends and family.

After the roller coaster incident, I resolved to get into shape that would help me be happier. I decided to enroll in a shift in absolute performance Manchester. My trainer, Kylie, thought when I signed up that I could lose over 13lbs and go from 179lbs to 165lbs, while also sharpening my muscles. I thought I could achieve more than my goal, and I was excited to get started.

First, discover the food

Controlling my diet was a priority. Before starting this shift, I would start each day by eating a lot of sugary breakfast cereals, and then continue snacking throughout the day, because I didn’t feel “full”. I’d eat some fast food for lunch, and then, most nights, I’d eat dinner outside. I have rarely cooked, because it is very easy to order food online while back home.

So I started a meal prep from Ultimate Performance, which I did for a few weeks to understand the basics of healthy eating and determine my portion size. Later, I moved on to making my own takeaway at home. It was a real idea, just thinking about how and what I was eating. I’ve learned that good, healthy, nutritious food doesn’t need to be complicated to be fun, and it keeps me full for longer. Adapting my diet put me in a calorie deficit without feeling starving. Even when I ate more than I should, it was easy to get back on track.

Add weights

Before that, I didn’t do a lot of weight training. I had tried some conditioning classes, and did a little bit of strength training, but outside of that I didn’t really know what I was doing in the gym – I was just running on the treadmill and running outdoors.

I transitioned from that to strength training three times a week. In each session, I was learning what muscle group I was working on, and how that fit into my overall progress. On rest days, I would walk for 30 minutes in the morning to get my heart rate up, and generally try to move more during the day. I wanted to target my stomach, and even though I didn’t do any muscle-specific exercises, I eventually got to see the heart of my body. I also had good results in my back and thighs.

Let your mind change too

The biggest challenge for me was staying focused and determined. There were times when I went off plan, and Kylie would remind me to ask myself “Why?” As in, “Why am I doing this? Why did I sign up?” and I would just talk to myself to get my head together. Another coach gave me some great advice: “The body can change faster, but it’s your mind that takes time to change.”

After six months of training, body fat percentage decreased from 29.4 percent to 11.7 percent. My muscle mass stayed the same, but I lost 42 lbs. My friends and family were really supportive; My twin brother now says, “We don’t look like twins anymore!” The clients pretended not to recognize me, saying, “Where’s Peter?” They are amazed at how much change you have made, and when they ask for my secret, I just say, “Good food and great personal trainer.”

It was a really positive trip. I came out of it happier and more energetic. My clothes fit better. I am more confident and comfortable in my own skin. I’ve also been on more dates, which is always a plus!

I remember sitting at work and thinking, “Okay. I’ll have the body I want when I’m 30.” I can’t believe all that hard work has paid off. This is a huge accomplishment in my life, and I did it myself! without surgery. No fad diets. Just follow a plan and make it a daily habit and that’s what my coach Kylie taught me – to make better choices about the foods I’ve been eating, to choose food that keeps me feeling full longer and will be better nutritionally, and also to be motivated, disciplined, responsible and positive (even at times which I wasn’t in), and most of all, to be patient.

From here I want to get bigger and stronger. I want to improve my strength and focus on my current weaknesses. I’m still working on and learning about the different muscle groups, so I can really understand how they all work together.

People ask me how to get started, and I say, honestly, if you really want that change, go out there and do it! Even if you can’t get a personal trainer, there are many tools that can help you on your fitness journey. Don’t compare yourself to others. Your fitness journey is different. Find a way that you enjoy, realize that the journey is yours, and don’t compare yourself to others. Be patient and trust yourself.

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