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Healthy and sustainable offerings | Food, recipes and entertainment

Loco Coco brings superfood dishes and juices to Venice

Loco Coco, a major New York City producer that sells dishes and juices focused on superfoods, has arrived in Venice. The bright pink solar-powered house with an attractive garden lining from Abbot Kinney matches modern flair with the utmost attention to quality in its botanical offerings.

“I couldn’t find anything that met my needs,” said Max Cuban, founder and owner of Loco Coco.

With widespread dietary restrictions and a decade-long interest in superfoods, he set out to create a product he wanted to buy every day, and New Yorkers quickly ate it up.

Between the colorful bowls, intricate matcha, and a plethora of invigorating juices, there is something for everyone at Loco Coco. Alcobe said the small site on the Upper East Side is quickly “doing the numbers on a square foot basis that retailers like Chanel can imagine doing.” “New York really needed the product we had.”

“Los Angeles claims to be one of the health and wellness hotspots in the United States, but a lot of the establishments here just don’t live up to my personal standards,” Cuban said.

Loco Coco brings a degree of transparency unique to restaurants of its kind, while also providing customers with the information needed to understand the supplements and products they sell.

This may sound trivial, but “the big differentiator for us is that we don’t use ice in any of our products,” Cuban says.

This way, smoothies and bowls are never separated. There is an obsession with reality when it comes to ingredients, so everything to do with Loco Coco products is included in the list. Honesty with customers hinges on knowing where the food comes from, and Loco Coco is built on relationships with distributors.

“Now I’m in my friend’s warehouse picking up essential oils and herbs, they are literally growers,” Cuban said.

The coconut shell bowls and spoons, which are completely biodegradable, come from a sustainable farm partner in Taiwan that Alkobe contacted two years before opening his first location. Loco Coco’s passion for detail and relationships such that this couples with an equally vibrant community location in Venice. Hot pink house, colorful logos, creative names of menu items and cheerful music energize the store. Paintings by local artists are for sale right above the park, a space that Alcobi wants to be public.

“We are not asking you to be a customer to sit in the garden,” he said. “We want to be able to give back and for this to be the cultural center of Venice.”

Whether creating a platform for local creators or partnering with organizations like LA Urban Farms, Loco Coco is committed to establishing itself as an integral and beneficial part of the Venice ecosystem.

“It’s not just about the physical body and what you put in it, it’s about the mind and soul,” Cuban said.

Every element of Loco Coco’s holistic approach goes back to Earth. Sustainability is an indisputable principle in Cuban philosophy for one simple reason.

“We literally use products from the earth,” Cuban said. “If we don’t take care of our planet, how can we continue to do so?”

By producing its own energy using rooftop solar panels, packaging and cutlery that are almost completely biodegradable, Loco Coco is aware of its debt to the planet. Cuban thinks anything less than that would be hypocrisy.

Loco Coco’s ethical approach and accessibility to healthy eaters of all kinds makes it a potential hit on Abbott Kinney. But Alcobi already has big plans for expansion.

“We always think about the next store, and the next three or four stores after that,” he said. Covid has changed the way Americans think about what they put in their bodies.

Understanding how to strengthen the body through food is more important now, perhaps, than ever before. If you don’t know much and want to get started, the knowledgeable staff at Loco Coco are trained to point you in the right direction.

It’s all about helping the customer, and as Alcobi emphasized, “We have the tools, ingredients, products, and supplements to do that for you.”

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1202 Abbot Kinney Street, Venice


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