Healthrageous helps Medicare Advantage members improve their health with amazing healthy eating points

Healthrageous helps Medicare Advantage members improve their health with amazing healthy eating points

Arlington, Virginia – (work wireHealthrageous is pleased to announce the launch of an amazing personalized healthy eating score that can be accessed using any web device. It empowers Medicare Advantage seniors by giving them a simple, quantified score to measure progress in eating more nutrients. Many Medicare Advantage members have one or more chronic illnesses that can be improved through diet. With Healthrageous Score for Healthy Eating, they assess their diet and understand the impact of their eating habits, and within minutes, they also receive a personalized roadmap to improving their diet and health.

The Healthy Eating Score is a highly effective and clinically documented measure of diet quality that correlates closely with the risk of developing chronic disease. Clinical research models predicted health improvements and expected savings in health care costs resulting from improved diet quality. Every step closer to eating a diet that meets the Dietary Guidelines guidelines can help reduce or worsen diet-related chronic diseases such as heart disease or type 2 diabetes.

Healthrageous goes further Medicare Meals Delivery To view Ready to heat up and eat meals Combined with a digital engagement platform that acts as a virtual health gatekeeper to activate Medicare Advantage members through mobile messaging and content engagement up to 52 weeks per year. The program drives unique, satisfying health experiences through personalized engagement, quick measurement, and delicious, heart-friendly, diabetes-friendly meals.

“Category Leadership, Healthrageous Targeting”Mind-body connection “To create a convenient and easy way on the slope of healthy eating,” says Rick Lee, CEO of Healthragios. “One little nudge at a time, you’re moving on a personalized healthy food journey. It’s as if your taste buds continue to rehab as your tastes adjust to nutritious eating along the way.”

Healthrageous is proud to partner with GoMo Health to help seniors live their best lives by sharing mobile messaging and customized support for their chronic health conditions. GoMo Health’s proprietary digital engagement platform helps people act on their health by leveraging their responses to surveys and assessments throughout the program. “Through GoMo Health’s evidence-based science of engagement, BehavioralRx®, we remove friction, add convenience, and help members personalize their health decisions through a sticky, fun experience that’s liberating and independent,” says Bob Gold, CEO of GoMo Health.

The result: “Medicare Advantage members are energized 3 times the number expected in our health plans,” Lee says. “Healthrageous’ collection of healthy meals delivered straight to their homes combined with trusted content in a digital experience proves to be highly engaging and satisfying.”


Healthrageous is a new kind of healthy living company obsessed with making healthy lifestyles possible through easy and fun experiences. As members approach an easy way to access healthy eating, follow the paths of trusted healthy relationships. visit Learn more about how Medicare Advantage members can get diabetes and heart-friendly meals delivered to their homes in a seamless experience that engages them in healthy behaviors.

About GoMo Health:

GoMo Health® applies the evidence-based science of engagement, BehavioralRx®, to its cloud-based digital therapy, Concierge Care®, to actively expand care plans, providing resources and support to people in their “living” environments – enhancing outpatient care and its impact. This outpatient care delivery model integrates support for psychosocial and physical needs to create behavior-based personalized care plans that enable patients to manage their own care and make health decisions. Connecting to patients via Telehealth Triple Play™, GoMo Health uses a smart mobile BOT system to collect and triage patient data across home medical devices, conduct real-time “talks”, and collect electronic patient-reported results (ePRO). This has been shown to modify the behaviors of patients with chronic and complex conditions worldwide, resulting in significant improvements in health outcomes and adherence, and lower costs of care for providers, hospitals, health plans, employers, and life sciences companies. To find out more, visit

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