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healthcare marketing; Enrique Zamora gives advice on how to reach Hispanics

Operating health care marketing is critical as the health care market in the United States faces ongoing challenges. The situation has only worsened since the pandemic, exposing the ills of the system that are so intensely afflicted by the segment of the Hispanic population without health insurance. Portada interviewed healthcare expert Enrique Zamora, founder and director of Belén Medical Centers, about what to do.

With the 2023 marketing of healthcare registration in full swing, it is time to reconsider effective healthcare marketing strategies. effective Strategies Spanish society is needed, Zamora claims. Hispanics, like other ethnic groups, can obtain medical insurance in several ways. It is imperative that Hispanics are fully educated about the availability and accessibility of various insurance plans in our country. Working for companies that offer insurance as an advantage can greatly enhance access to coverage. Therefore, Hispanics must be educated regarding the different job opportunities available to them and the type of coverage they offer. Therefore, we should encourage Hispanics to attend job fairs and corporate events and participate in the business life of their communities,” explains Enrique Zamora, founder and director of Belin Medical Centers.

We should encourage Hispanics to attend job fairs and corporate events and to participate in the business life of their communities.

Additionally, Zamora recommends that Hispanics understand and participate in the ACA (Obama Care) and take advantage of the benefits that may be available to them. “As business leaders, we can help them by providing access to accurate and timely information. The information is available; we must publish it in Spanish and in media geared towards the Hispanic market.” Part of the responsibility lies with insurance companies and healthcare companies, which must market the ACA registration while also focusing on the Hispanic market.

Companies must adapt their healthcare marketing campaigns to the local communities they serve.

Healthcare Marketing: Adapting Campaigns to Local Communities

As in most marketing strategies and implementations, consideration of local factors and complexities is critical to success. Companies must adapt their healthcare marketing campaigns to the local communities they serve. Hispanics are a diverse group. They come from different countries with different cultures and customs. Marketing must be designed to create trust in the product and must include the values ​​of each community,” emphasizes Zamora.

Use well-known spokespersons for each community.

“One approach that can be used is to design the message using identifiable spokespersons for each community. Healthcare marketing in Arizona may differ from that in South Florida. Building trust will certainly increase enrollment in the ACA.”

An immigrant and entrepreneur who founded several healthcare companies

Tribute to Enrique ZamoraEnrique Zamora is an immigrant who turned his beginnings into a true American success story. He founded several healthcare companies, including Beilin Medical Centers, which in 2019 became part of publicly traded Cano Health. In the past year alone, Zamora has received several awards of recognition from the community, including an award for outstanding contributions to the Willie Chirino Foundation; An advertisement from Miami-Dade County for your community service; The official designation of July 11 is Enrique Zamora Day in Sweetwater.

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