Haaland's Viking Diet: Eat cow hearts like your ancestors did

Haaland’s Viking Diet: Eat cow hearts like your ancestors did

Beef hearts and liver. These are the natural proteins that are part of the Norwegian footballer’s diet Erling Haaland on a regular basis. Nutritionists agree that the meat of the animals was naturally eaten by their Viking ancestors.

The attacker admitted that he often eats cow livers and hearts in the documentary film about his nicknamed character big decisionWhere his deep interest in everything related to his nutrition was confirmed.

In the report, the athlete confirms its taste in cow droppings and tries to counter theories that criminalize eating meat and call it harmful: “People say meat is bad but… which? The meat you eat at McDonald’s or the local cow that eats grass? I eat heart and liver because they’re rich.” With B vitamins, iron, phosphorous, copper and magnesium.”

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The heart and liver of a cow are pieces of meat called “offal”. Although it is currently less common and less common in the Mediterranean diet, in our country it was commonly consumed in times of economic scarcity, as with other cuts such as tripe, brain, baked goods, offal, and all It contains a high percentage of protein.

The nutritionists consulted point out that this type of food provides significant benefits to a highly demanding elite athlete body. In addition to the high content of protein and iron, these giblets are rich in amino acids and help in the body’s production of collagen.

The diet chosen by Erling Haaland is also due to the habits of his Viking ancestors. Eating and digesting this type of food well is part of Norwegian culture. say in Spanish Sports Nutrition Specialist Roger Barroll.

Nutrition experts advise against eating this type of food on a daily basis because it is excessively rich in vitamin A and E, and eating them in excess carries a high risk of poisoning. “Gentles are not a staple food and will not make anyone a better athlete, so I recommend eating them at most once a month,” they say.

Viking scoring power

The Manchester City striker arrived last summer to the team Pep Guardiola For 60 million euros from Borussia Dortmund. The Nordics came out more than profitable for the English team; He has 22 goals in just 17 matches, 17 of them in the Premier League including 3 HattrixAnd five more goals in the Champions League.

The highest paid player in the Premier League is a 194cm giant capable of hitting any impossible ball in the area. The key is his hard training and feeding him. Haaland, 22, eats up to six meals a day and is a native Josh King He has already said on occasion that he “eats like a bear”.

His focus on maximizing performance as a footballer doesn’t just come from training and diet. When Haaland was 18 years old and playing for Borussia Dortmund, he asked a young Norwegian friend to return to his homeland, as he wanted to focus on his sports work.

Born in Leeds, UK, but of Norwegian descent, he is the son of a fellow footballer Alf Inge Haaland He has an older brother and a younger sister who are military personnel in his country. This brilliant scorer has sometimes claimed that his “many girlfriends” and the ones he sleeps with every night are his balls.

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