green bean diet friends |  Federation of Southeast Iowa

green bean diet friends | Federation of Southeast Iowa

We put our dog Buddy on The Green Bean Diet. He was morbidly obese and we had to do something about it for his health. I do not allow obesity in myself, nor do I allow it in our dog.

We heard about The Green Bean Diet from someone else who put their dog on it, even though they used green beans the French way. We started with French-style green beans (we used the cheapest brand we could find – 58¢ cans, which is cheaper than dog food) and Buddy scooped them right in, with a little bit of dry dog ​​food crumbs on top. We soon learned that he loves regular green beans, too. We don’t really have to sprinkle dry dog ​​food on top. If it’s people’s food, Buddy eats it.

We weighed it before starting the green bean diet. I grabbed Buddy and stood on Jenny’s bathroom scale with and without him. 33 lbs. That’s a lot for a small dog. So far, he’s lost two pounds – a huge percentage. He’s slimming down well, the fat spots on his stomach are receding, and we can discern his waistline now. It looks great.

What breed is friends? He’s (we think) a Betty Bassett Griffon Fendian, and a rescue dog. I got it in Wayland, Iowa, 11 or so years ago. Holly, Jack Russell Terrier, Matt, I was in a divorce, and I needed a dog. Friends filled the bill well. He’s been with me through thick and thin, a new wife, Ginnie, and a move to Empty Nest Farm. When a pet is going through all that with you, you want to take care of them. me too.

We could have tackled Buddy’s weight problem by exercising – which is how I control my weight – for an hour a day on the elliptical. But living in the country, on a cobbled road, next to a busy highway, is not conducive to walking. I suppose we could have trained Buddy to walk on a treadmill, but that takes time and effort. Time is something we don’t have much on our hands now that Jenny and I are ‘semi-retired’. Our lives just got crazier than when we worked full time, raised kids, and lived from paycheck to paycheck. Don’t cheat. Do not believe me? Try to retire and you will wish you could go back to work to rest.

Friends seem so good that I might stay on the green bean diet indefinitely. We buy green beans as the case may be. He eats about three cans a day. If it starts to look too thin, we can add more dry dog ​​food. Because of the liquid in green beans, Buddy pees a lot, but that’s not a big deal, and it’s probably good for him.

Then there’s Stormy, our cat rescuer. He appeared on our doorstep, on New Year’s Day, in a blizzard, as a drop, a year and a half ago – hence the “storm”. It is also bipolar. Stormy scratched the corpses out of my hand and grabbed him, but he’s been with us ever since. He now thinks he owns the house. We don’t let Stormi outside because of the highway. We had another cat, Barney, disappearing on us. We think a hawk set him down.

Storm is my cat who annoys Jenny. He wouldn’t sit on her lap, but he would choke me. If I leave my clothes on the floor, Stormy will wrinkle on them. Very nice. He knows I saved him and he is grateful.

We don’t leave Stormy in our bedroom at night because he walks around and pounces on Ginnie’s feet when she’s asleep. I get up very early, waking up anywhere between midnight and 2am. It’s when I write, read, and connect with God. When I get out of the bedroom, Stormy is waiting for me. It curls up in my lap and is an inspiration. I call Stormy my inspiring cat.

The warm cat, purring, is right there with one of the finest comforts in life. I highly recommend using pets to lower blood pressure and raise God awareness.

Friends and Storm are pets to the rescue.

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