Find out why “healthy” food is the future of gastronomy

Your whole idea of ​​visiting a restaurant is a huge failure if the food served does not live up to expectations. We have always been praised for the restaurant for its interior design, food, quality, music and service and we have seen the restaurateurs receive all the praise for the work done; But have you ever thought about how much effort a chef puts in to bring the best at the table. It’s all because of the creativity in the kitchen that the restaurant praises.

Since its inception by the late chef Dr. Bill Gallagher in 2004, World Chef Day has been as much about celebrating people in the culinary profession as it is about promoting the importance of healthy and responsible eating.

What’s the point

“International Chefs Day honors all chefs and their efforts to continually serve people through cooking, exposing them to food and cuisine and linking it to culture. It is celebrated on the 20th of October every year to give due importance to the noble profession and professionals who are punctuality, sincerity and dedication, every day in their work. Founded in 1987, ICF, a member of the WACS, has since been working to bring much-needed awareness of the profession, respect for culinary professionals, and unanimous leadership of careers in the hospitality industry into the mainstream of sought-after career options. The day also celebrates the Knowledge Summit and Chef Awards,” said Chef Davinder Kumar, President of the Indian Culinary Forum.

According to Chef Vaibhav Bhargava, Partner, CHO, New Delhi, one of the most important aspects of International Chefs Day is to emphasize the importance of cooking and eating healthy foods. He added, “International Chefs Day was organized to remind chefs that it is their duty to pass on their culinary knowledge and skills to the next generation of chefs with a sense of pride and commitment to the future.”

With a focus on health and “Healthy Food” as the theme for 2020, Chefs Day is celebrated to promote healthy eating through chefs.

“A balanced diet is essential for both good nutrition and health. You are protected from a variety of degenerative non-communicable diseases, including cancer, diabetes and heart disease. Our bodies receive all necessary nutrients from the food we eat. Moreover, none of these The nutrients in junk food. They are only found in healthy foods. Even after realizing this, people continue to be tempted to eat junk food, which is why it is essential to discuss healthy eating.”

Commenting on the same, Chef Vaibhav stated that “having a strong immune system and eating ‘stress-relieving’ foods are important. We live a hectic lifestyle where listening to heart attacks is common, our stress and the lifestyles we lead all have it.” impact on them and it is important that we advocate for healthy food now more than ever.”

For Chef Kumar, when it comes to food availability, the gap between haves and have-nots is widening. On the one hand, we have obesity and food waste, and on the other hand, the world is fighting to end hunger. Obesity and malnutrition are both dangerous for the future population. We were surprised by the epidemic. The only way to build immunity and stay alert is to stay healthy. “Locally grown foods, non-travel foods and seasonal foods are excellent for our health. These habits need to be inculcated into life as soon as possible. The issue of unhealthy eating habits cannot be addressed overnight; concerted and sustained efforts must be made to get people to eat healthy. A change in the way of thinking when it comes to food consumption is very important, and the process must begin now,” he said.

Some healthy kitchen hacks by Top Chefs

Chef Vibhav Bhargava: “For me, that one thing I always swear by is – add a little salt to everything, and while you’re in the process, the food is still simmering and don’t forget to season and taste as you go.”

Chef Davinder Kumar: “As a five-star dining venue, we can’t completely rule out international cuisine. Our guests come to us for that very cosmopolitan experience. We guarantee to buy locally grown produce, and there are very few things we make from scratch. We reduce sugar and salt in our recipes.” And we add other ingredients like herbs that contribute to the flavor without compromising the taste.”

Chef Ashish Singh: “Instead of using hacks, we need to use the simplest way possible to cook any given dish.”

Tips for sharing with young chefs:

Chef Vibhav Bhargava: “Go to the places you want to work and wait for an opportunity there. These are the places that will shape you into the chef you will become. Be motivated, but patient.”

Chef Davinder Kumar: Look, read, and don’t rush to make a quick buck with gimmicks like amateur videos. These may come back to bite you in the future. Choose your idols wisely, because you’ll emulate them unknowingly. Learn to distinguish the authentic from the rest. There is no shortcut to success. Be Honest and act with integrity. Communicate, share ideas and experiences, take every opportunity to learn first, and keep training before it gets to implementation.”

Chef Ashish Singh: “All young chefs should be driven by process and method and should understand and respect the ingredients used. Their approach should be as simple as possible.”

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