Europeans support government measures to reduce sustainable food prices

Europeans support government measures to reduce sustainable food prices

Three out of four Europeans want EU governments or regulators in Brussels to take action to lower the cost of healthy and sustainable food. At a time of rising food price inflation, 76% of people said their governments should make sustainable food affordable – and half believe that unsustainable food products should be more expensive to encourage shoppers to make healthier, more sustainable food choices.

Commissioned by the WWF, the survey also showed that four out of five Europeans believe their governments and the European Union should establish “new rules” as well as provide financial support to tip the scales in favor of sustainably produced food. In their view, governments should specifically target public restaurants, schools, grocery stores, food manufacturers and farmers, according to the WWF.

Europeans want change, but unless our governments and the European Union take action, families will continue to struggle to have healthy, sustainable food – not to mention pay for it. High inflation exposed the shortcomings of our food systems and the EU’s dependence on imported agricultural inputs.argued Julia Rideau, Agriculture and Food Systems Policy Officer at the World Wide Fund for Nature’s European Policy Office.

Promoting plant-based and local foods: the survey

According to the survey, 73% of Europeans believe that policy makers at national and EU level should take action to prevent food shortages. Stimulating the consumption of local produce and reducing food waste was one of the preferred options for achieving this.

The research also showed that a large percentage of people want the EU to get into the plant-based debate. Nearly half of the respondents, 48%, stated that the EU should “encourage people to eat less animal products”, while 46% suggested that the EU should reduce the use of farmland to produce feed. “Currently, the European Union produces more animal products than is recommended for our health and more than half of the cereal crops we grow are fed to animals,”WWF stressed.

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