Emirates embraces the demand for vegetarian meals and healthy options

Emirates embraces the demand for vegetarian meals and healthy options

Marking the upcoming World Vegetarian Day on November 1, Emirates Airlines has given a resounding response to the growing demand for vegetarian food by investing millions of dollars in new vegan options on board. A curated menu of gourmet vegetarian dishes has been introduced in First and Business Class, while Economy Class menus have also welcomed a selection of vegetarian products.

To cater to the rapid growth of the global vegetarian community and the general interest in herbal diets, Emirates is setting new standards in the customer experience with delicious and healthy options for customers from all over the world who follow a vegan lifestyle, or for those looking for a snack while traveling. Vegetarian options are available to order and pre-order on board, as well as in Emirates lounges.

Increasing demand for vegetarian food

Emirates has been offering vegetarian options on board since the 1990s. Initially, vegetarian requirements centered on specific routes such as Addis Ababa where vegetarian meals are required during certain times of the year by those who practice the Ethiopian Orthodox faith, or across the Indian subcontinent where multiple religions encourage a vegetarian diet. Vegetarian dishes are now rapidly gaining in general popularity in the US, Australia, some European routes and the UK, with Emirates noticing a significant increase in interest in vegan dishes over the past decade. Routes that have recently shown a growing interest in vegetarian meals include Beirut, Cairo, and Taiwan. Emirates currently offers more than 180 vegetarian recipes that cater to vegetarian customers.

menu development

It has already been rated as the best airline for vegetarian travelers by numerous web site surveys including vegetablesEmirates Airlines has invested in developing a new vegetarian menu to rival its acclaimed restaurants. The vegetarian menu in First Class and Business Class has spent a year developing at Emirates Flight Catering, an expansive facility based at Dubai International Airport, which has 11,000 employees and serves up to 225,000 meals per day. It is the largest in-flight catering facility in the world and home to international chefs from 69 different nationalities. The menu has been the focus of numerous presentations and tastings, incorporating contributions from diverse cuisine professionals such as Chinese, Indian and Arab specialty chefs, to create a wide range of flavors and textures. The tasting panels included both vegetarian and non-vegetarian chefs and team members to ensure a holistic approach.

In Economy Class, the vegetarian menus are also updated every month, offering a variety of dishes to frequent flyers. Vegetarian meals in Economy Class are available for pre-order and have been well received by passengers around the world. Passenger favorites currently include creamy spinach and avocado muslin, with marinated tofu, white peas, radish, asparagus, pomegranate seeds, zucchini strip, and Sriracha oil, or multi-colored quinoa with mashed pear and caramel, roasted broccoli, roasted carrots, sauteed cabbage and pesto lavage, And the mouthwatering autumnal flavors of barley risotto with mushrooms, served with sun-dried tomatoes, buttered chestnuts, blanched broccoli and toasted pumpkin seeds.

Vegetarian desserts are also delicious, featuring tempting options like dark chocolate cake balanced by fresh and juicy strawberries, lime tart with coconut cream and rich chocolate cheesecake with sweet strawberry compote.

High quality healthy ingredients

The benefits of plant-powered options are gaining increasing interest for health-conscious customers who may not self-identify as vegetarians but will occasionally choose lighter options to complement their lifestyle. Alternative products used on board Emirates include items like artisanal vegan cheese and chickpea flour instead of white flour, because chickpea flour is gluten-free and naturally aerates dishes like crepes and omelettes for an irresistibly fluffy texture. Coconut cream or vegetable cream is used in place of full-fat dairy cream, coconut butter or ghee is used in place of dairy butter, and coconut oil and flaxseed oil are used as healthy alternatives to vegetable oils, adding extra flavor to dishes and high flavor. smoke point. The dishes also feature a range of superfoods including black and white quinoa seeds that are rich in antioxidants, which help with cholesterol and blood sugar levels, and lower the risk of diabetes and heart disease. The new vegetarian menu in First Class and Business Class contains a unique kofta, made with world-famous vegetarian products. behind Meat Company. Our vegan desserts are made using organic dark chocolate with 60% raw cacao ingredients, from the Dominican Republic. Vegetarian dishes are complemented by refreshing Vitality Juices, a customized selection of juice blends, crafted by the beloved Emirati brand. blessings. Each gluten-free vegan smoothie is packed with essential vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants, with no added sugar, additives, or preservatives.

Taste profile and presentation

Emirates’ team of award-winning chefs have put together an innovative new menu, where vegetables take center stage and the absence of meat feels untouched, through clever use of textures and infusions to evoke the essential umami effect. Jackfruit, a fibrous tree fruit from southwestern India, is used as a focal point in some vegetarian dishes where it is stewed with a meaty texture. Kohlrabi, a Northern European mixture of cabbage and turnip, has a mild taste that absorbs soaked or cooked flavors – a very effective addition to vegetarian cuisine. Other essential ingredients that make for a more nutritious meal include incomparable tofu, broccoli steak, and various types of nuts and legumes. With an emphasis on freshness, vibrancy of taste and satiety, Emirates’ new vegetarian dishes showcase a tempting array of colorful and healthy options including cherry tomato with tofu with edamame, toasted sesame and thyme scented with mushrooms, fresh avocado and mango salad. Or kale and cranberry salad served on a bed of roasted sweet potatoes. To ensure that delicious and healthy dishes are also edible, vegetarian meals are delicately garnished with farm-fresh herbs, berries, and colorful candies, while many of the new vegan desserts are decorated with delicate foliage of the original gold leaf.

from sustainable sources

The vegetarian options on board Emirates are nutrient-rich and rich in vegetables, fruits and vegetables, sourced from several UAE-based suppliers including fresh, locally grown cabbage, heirloom cherry tomatoes, salad leaves and herbs from horticulture. Bostanica is the largest vertical hydroponics farm in the world and is a joint investment of US$40 million by Emirates Flight Catering. Al Bustan Farm is powered by powerful technology – machine learning, artificial intelligence, advanced methods – and a dedicated in-house team that includes agronomy experts, engineers, gardeners and botanists. The continuous production cycle ensures that the product is completely fresh, clean and grown without pesticides, herbicides or chemicals. All Emirates passengers will be served delicious leafy greens, including lettuce, watercress, green salad and spinach straight from the orchard, with plans to grow more fruits and vegetables in the future.

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