Effective TCM acupuncture treatment, herbs and diet

Effective TCM acupuncture treatment, herbs and diet

Eczema is a common and intractable skin disease that not only causes itching, but also affects the appearance. According to a study by the National Eczema Association, more than 30 percent of infected patients eczema They suffer from low self-confidence, and many suffer from depression or anxiety.

Nowadays, Western medicine generally uses steroids to treat eczema, but long-term use of steroids in patients will cause substance abuse disorder and side effects. Hong Kong Registered Chinese Medicine Practitioner Dr. Yuen Ui Lin has dealt with many severe cases of eczema, improving the condition of eczema and even helping patients recover. She said that through acupoint therapy, external application of herbal medicine, nutritional therapy, and other good traditional Chinese medical treatments, the itch caused by eczema can be effectively relieved. Dr. Yuen also shared methods and habits for improving eczema conditions.

A severe case of eczema treated by Dr. Yuen

Dr. Yuen said she had a sick boy who had had severe eczema for six months with red, swollen and sore cheeks. His mother, who previously had rosacea, was reluctant to use steroids to treat the boy, so she sought help from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

One of Dr. Yuen’s patients had severe eczema for 6 months with red, swollen, ulcerated cheeks. (Courtesy of Dr. Yuen Ui Lin)

This is a typical case of liver and kidney failure and hyperthermia, said Dr. Yuen Ui Lin. Through nourishing yin (the body’s restorative power), detoxifying, and clearing heat, the methods of acupuncture, back massage, medicinal powder, and special treatment for children – infant massage, can effectively control the disease within two weeks. Half a month later, the boy regained healthy skin. Dr. Yuen confirmed that the boy’s skin is improving rapidly because he has never used steroids, and therefore, it will take effect sooner.

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Dr. Yuen confirmed that the boy’s skin is improving rapidly because he has never used steroids, and therefore, it will take effect sooner. (Courtesy of Dr. Yuen)

Three types of eczema in winter and summer

Dr. Yuen said eczema is a manifestation of dry skin, and it’s easy to get hit in winter, humid summer, and when the seasons change. Symptoms include dryness, sensitivity, redness, and inflammation of the skin, more serious symptoms include itching, dark red skin in the affected area, rough skin like skin, scaling, oozing skin fluid, scabs, lumps, and partial swelling.

Four causes of eczema

  1. weak immune system
  2. Genetics
  3. Environment: Viruses, dust mites, pollen, mold, wool
  4. Diet: Eating fried foods, seafood, liquid proteins like eggs and drinking frozen drinks can easily lead to eczema.

Eczema is a disorder of the immune system

According to the classification of Western medicine, eczema is divided into atopic dermatitis, contact dermatitis, neurodermatitis, seborrheic dermatitis, seborrheic dermatitis, and others. However, according to the viewpoint of traditional Chinese medicine, any dermatitis is called eczema.

Skin problems are usually blamed on the immune system. Dr. Yuen pointed out that the main direction of eczema treatment is nourishing yin, purifying heat, removing toxins while strengthening the function of the spleen because the lack of spleen is easy to generate phlegm and the heaviest moisture in our body. A deteriorated immune system can also lead to eczema.

Dr. Yuen said that TCM can achieve the effect of strengthening the immune system by removing moisture, strengthening the spleen, and strengthening the digestive system. The focus of the drug is on calming the liver, and children can also add acupuncture, muscle pinching, and massage to speed up treatment.

Chinese medicine for itching

Oral steroids or staining is the only way to treat eczema with Western medicine. Despite its sedative effect, patients are prone to drug addiction. In addition, it is not easy to get rid of the remnants of drugs from the body, and long-term use may cause such side effects as “Buffalo Hump”.

Dr. Yuen noted that TCM uses acupoint therapy, external application of herbal medicine, and nutritional therapy to relieve itching caused by eczema.

1. Acupuncture in Great Hammer GV14: Improving the immune system. The junction point is located in the middle of the posterior line, in the depression below the seventh cervical vertebra. The seventh cervical vertebra is the large vertebra that protrudes when the patient tilts his head forward.

2. Boil Houttuynia cordata for external use: It can soothe itchy skin.

3. Nutritional composition: Poria cocos, sugared dates, spare ribs, lean meat or chicken, raw cake seeds, boil in 12 pots of water for 1-2 hours and drink.

improve eczema habits

1. Do not use shower gel or soap as they may further irritate the skin.

2. Light diet: Avoid fried foods, seafood and excess meat.

3. Avoid cold drinks.

4. Go to bed early.

5. Do not go to places with high temperatures in the summer.

6. Wear gloves in winter.

7. Reducing stress: Dr. Yuen said skin diseases for urban residents are mostly related to stress, “80 percent of diseases are caused by stress. The brain controls the internal organs of a person through nerves. When one is exposed to severe stress, it can cause illness, insomnia and irritability, Sleep quality and appetite are affected. It will also cause eating and digestive disorders and lower immunity.”

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