Eating money project, FOOD-FI helps users maintain healthy diet and manage food hygiene

Eating money project, FOOD-FI helps users maintain healthy diet and manage food hygiene

/EIN News/ – London, UK, September 16, 2022 (The Globe Newswire) – FOOD-FI The ecosystem is the first to offer a sustainable and practical use case via the Eat-2-Ear protocol that is enabled within the receptacles of our mobile app and Dapp, powered by our native token: $EAT. Largely pre-industrial, our ecosystem is organized for a broad target audience and aims to promote significantly better eating habits through financial incentives.

Malnutrition and eating disorders are prevalent in this day and age and we have equipped ourselves with a team that is truly qualified to deliver a product that rises to the challenge, as we sit at the intersection of digital health and DeFi.

FOOD-FI . Ecosystem

Our mobile app – the backbone of our ecosystem, offers a wide range of features where eligible users will be rewarded with $EAAT for using one of our many features. More specifically, users will get access to our calorie and macronutrient tracking mechanism adapted for all dietary goals, a food log specifically designed as a tool for managing eating disorders across its integrated emotional spectrum, and a takeout to earn feature where users will be rewarded for visiting restaurants Located in Radius, a portal that connects medical professionals with users with nutritional problems in the “Getting Support” section.

We obviously don’t stop here by turning the entire experience into gaming via in-app NFT integration allowing for increased performance across all our components and, ultimately, more EAT rewards.

Combined with our pioneering Eat-2-gain protocol, FOOD-FI proposes integrated multi-chain and store-bought farming and storage clusters to drive the long-term sustainability of our mission while adding additional value to the DeFi space.

For the purpose of complete security, efficiency and transparency, we are developing a new platform located at the intersection of DeFi, SoFi and web3 integration. The FOO-FI ecosystem complies with the legal and consensus requirements of healthcare by ensuring better data integrity and encryption and by providing a validation system. This will be the core component of the platform driving major improvements in health outcomes, nutrition and lifestyle choices.

For more information about FOOD-FI, visit the project website Official Website Or read the official White papers.


FOOD-FI is the next generation lifestyle tool for people to manage and understand more about their nutritional health socially, along with an equally committed and engaged user base.

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