Eating in the age of dieting

Eating in the age of dieting

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New Delhi – Healthy routines and pre-planned diets often take a back seat when the festive season begins. do not worry; and celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Dewikar have put together a comprehensive guide to enjoying the festive season in moderation, like the “Eating in the Age of Dieting” audiobook.

Eat a sustainable, culture-compliant diet:

“The whole idea of ​​dieting is to become healthier, fitter and fitter. If this is to be achieved, the diet must be sustainable and culturally compatible. Diwali is the time to find out if you are on a sustainable diet. If it is a Diwali meal Regularly amounts to breaking your diet, it means that your weight loss plans won’t work this time either. What this basically reveals is whether your diet fits into the game plan of the weight loss industry. This unrealistic evidence is not culturally appropriate, and instead focuses on feeling guilt about event-based banquets and taking advantage of the same thing to sell detox plans or packages that are often extreme and doomed to fail. A healthy diet will teach you to eat without feeling guilty, and there’s really nothing wrong with enjoying your poor man’s dessert,” shares Rujuta in Shattering myths about Diwali feast.

Organize a special Diwali menu:

“The healthiest Diwali menu is one that sticks to the basics. – whether it’s a simple spread consisting of homemade mithai, a freshly fried item, one variety, one dal, some roti and rice with chutney, pickle or papad, all served with love and attention to detail. Rugota says in her audiobook on audio. Also, remember that for a more authentic celebration, bring out the traditional silver thali or kansa (metal bowls) and have a leisurely dinner with conversations. Treat your guests to time and attention rather than a great variety of dishes, and break the monotony of heavy, multi-course Diwali meals with a touch of simple sophistication. “.

Do 5 rounds of Surya Namaskar instead of the gym:

While festivity may leave us feeling relaxed, Rujuta in her Audible audiobook states, “Keep up with your regular exercise routine but cut it back a bit if you stay up late. Five rounds of Surya Namaskar will save you time traveling to the gym, cost less, and make you feel It refreshes and helps facilitate digestion after bouts of binge eating. “It’s not primarily the body, but the entire lifestyle that needs to be prepared in the lead-up to Diwali and even afterwards,” she adds. Fitness is the compound effect of small steps taken in the direction of health and harmony every day.”

Make no mistake that Mithai is the villain:

The alternative to fearing the Mithais is to recognize their goodness and educate one about the basics. “Ghee, one of the largest ingredients in most methai, helps keep the intestines in good shape and ready to take on the burden of overeating during Diwali. It is an essential fat and aids the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins like ADE and K while protecting bone, skin and immune function with The change of season. Sugar or jaggery is curative when mixed with nuts, ghee, pan, atta, gend (edible chewing gum from the sap of the acacia tree) or suji and they are all nutrient dense and delicious.” Having said all of that, Rugota urges to “avoid packaged sweets because they are often the low-grade kind that someone chooses with the bottom line in mind and doesn’t preserve your waistline or taste preferences. Eat homemade sweets.” She adds, “Eating homemade mithai once a day for the three to four days of the week of Diwali won’t get you in trouble. The actual game-changer in regulating blood sugar is eating last night, so keep that instead.” .

Dry fruit is your best friend:

While we all agree that dry fruits are good for our health, Rugota states in her audiobook, “Dry fruits are great when eaten the way they should be — first thing in the morning as a snack or turned into a methy. Nuts and dry fruits are a great source of amino acids, minerals, and phytonutrients.” It’s a myth that cashews are full of cholesterol. It doesn’t contain any cholesterol and actually helps regulate it.” (Eans)


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